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We’re playing a rare full band/two member show at the Tiny Porch Festival Saturday, September 21 with some fantastic Tulsa bands. Amanda is traveling across the wild and prickly Southwest to perform and who knows how often we’ll do this? We don’t and we’re in the band!

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Tiny Porch Festival: a free event in the Owen Park neighborhood. September 21, 2019. Bands: Nightingale, Grazzhopper, The Lonelys, DJ Spanky, Rushmore Beekeepers, Bringer, Rachel Lavonne, Beach Friends, Jacob Hunter, Dayden Shea, Damien Hartzell, Stephanie Oliver, Hot Toast Music Co., Henry Zoellner. Vendors: Cabin Boys Brewery, Killer Wail BBQ, Pearl Beach Brew Pub.

Zach playing guitar and singing

Photo by Roger Hawkins

Played a house show for some family in Mesa, AZ, and decided on a whim to live-stream it on Periscope. I played five brand new songs from my upcoming album-in-progress and a few oldies. I’m going to do this more often (most likely from my much smaller Airstream home), so be sure to follow me on Twitter and/or Periscope to get in on the live action.

Watch (most of) the show here.

Zach sings, plays guitar and drums at the dining room table in his travel trailer.

First full band (guitar, drums, keyboard, and loop pedal) practice session in the new place was a success! Had to block the door for a little while, but I kept the volume down so I think Carrie and the dogs were okay with it. Preparing for my first Connecticut show at Molten Java in Bethel this Wednesday.

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