today is boring

© Rushmore Beekeepers, released October 22, 2004

Written and recorded at Dirt to Mud Studios between May 2002 and July 2003.

  • All songs written and recorded by Zach Fountain
  • Album art / design by Amanda Hawkins


  1. everything i wanted to know 3:32 » lyrics
    i was just waiting for something bad to happen today
    wasn’t disappointed seeing you with someone new

    maybe someday we can be friends
    but right now all you do is remind me of how lonely i am
    maybe someday i’ll see just why it was you left me
    but this is not the time for thinking

    i made you the answer to everything i wanted to know
    i made you the answer to all the things i never believed
    now i find i’m still lost

    everything seems so interesting to you
    everything seems so sad to you
  2. bright star 2:40 » lyrics
    it’ll take a pretty bright star to light up my sky
    it’ll take a pretty big heart to heal mine
    it’ll take a girl with patience and time
    it’ll take a girl who’s all mine

    drown me in your deepest well of love and bad poetry
    burden me with your insecurities
    love me and i will hate you
    i only need what doesn’t come to me

    i saw the flaming sword today
    i saw the first seal break today
    i hear the trumpets, they are coming for me
    i hear your voice but you’re not calling for me
    i see your face
    but you’re not bleeding for me
  3. i wish i had lots of money 2:39 » lyrics
    i’m tired, you’re drunk
    i’m sick of being in love
    i’m weary but true of heart
    your smile never fails to bring me down
    you’re here, i’m lost
    but i’m never lonesome anymore

    there are words i used to want to share with you
    but i know now they’re wrong
    there are thoughts i used to want to compare with you
    but as soon as i’m asleep they’re gone

    your driving was a constant reminder that i’d never be able to keep up with you
    your dress code always let me know that i’d never have enough money for you
    i wish i had some kind of goal that would impress you
    wish you felt like i had something more to offer you

    i’m not your small town boy
    you’re not my uptown girl
    i’ve got to stop wasting my time with you
  4. bruce springsteen 2:47 » lyrics
    the stars shine in beautiful blue light
    and i feel better than i have for some time
    bruce springsteen sings to me and i feel allright
    though i’m all alone
    i’m not alone
    ‘cause he’s here on my home stereo
    and i wonder what i would do if i didn’t have you everytime i got dumped

    she says she doesn’t like you
    but i like you bruce

    i’ve got a girl, there’s no way it’ll last
    that’s fine ‘cause i’ve got nebraska
    i’m a young man for hire
    oh baby i’m on fire
    and you should like bruce springsteen

    “thunder road”
    “tenth avenue freeze out”
    i’m on fire
    oh baby
  5. good things you deserve 4:04 » lyrics
    you’ve got a lot a lot of nothing to say
    you’ve got a lot in your brain, okay
    and i don’t think of all the things i don’t think about
    when i think about what i’m gonna say
    oh yeah

    walking to the bookstore
    walking down the street
    by now your house is only a block away
    i’ll keep on walking like i always do
    hoping i’ll get the nerve to talk to you

    but i don’t have any nerve
    and you don’t get the good things you deserve

    and you’ve got a lot of nothing to say
    and i’ve got a lot of nothing to say
    you never get much done by talking anyway

    walking down the street on my way to see you
    walking down the street such a long walk to you
    we barely miss each other
    we’re people on the street
    if i saw you i’d be happy
    but would that mean anything
    give bad directions, no road map for the heart
    but we’ve been right from the start
  6. don't want to see you again 3:40 » lyrics
    never would have called you if i thought you were going to answer the phone
    but here i am, caught in another awkward conversation
    and i don’t want to see you again

    we’ve been apart now, longer than we were together
    but i’m still not over you
    and i wish i could say i’m doing fine without you
    but i’m a mess
    and goddamn i wish i could get over this

    just tell me you’re not alone and i’ll be okay
    if i shut my eyes tight enough maybe you’ll go away
    ‘cause i don’t want to see you again

    should’ve kept a tighter grip or just let you go
    but i didn’t know what to do
    and there was no room in the middle
    so i let you do all the work
    should be happy i’m not the bad guy this time
    should be happy it was you who kissed me goodnight

    and if you ever hear me say something nice
    it’s probably a script i wrote a long time ago
    and i’m doing fine, if that’s what you want me to say
  7. my good view 2:51 » lyrics
    there’s a line of semis headed into town
    filled with things i don’t need
    there’s a bulldozer and a bunch of dirt
    where the old corner store should be

    we’re growing

    there’s a bunch of new houses going up
    and faces i don’t know
    they all look the same to me
    guess it’s just my small town mentality

    the girl i love wears designer clothes
    i’m going to have to go to school and get a real job
    so i can keep up with her

    there’s a line of cars headed into town
    they all want a nice quiet place to live
    they’re gonna fill it up with people
    and bitch about the bands that were here first
    and the kids who grew up here
    and the college students who live here
    and the poor people who live here

    i want a better place i want a bigger house
    build me a bigger house with a good view
    to spoil my good view
  8. not your anchor 4:25 » lyrics
    guess i’ve overstepped my boundaries as your friend, your guy, your whatever
    you made it clear
    now you ask why we never talk anymore
    do i really seem that distant
    do you miss our conversation
    because since you set the record straight i’m nothing more
    than what i have to be

    i’m a rock but i’m not your anchor
    and i’ll stay this way forever
    because i don’t know what you expect of me

    you were sure to tell everyone i was single
    went out of your way to say we were not a couple
    the bachelor life has been good to me

    we could be apart it’d be easier that way
    we could be apart
    because we’re already that way
  9. some sense of purpose 2:39 » lyrics
    driving home tonight
    i wish i could ride this stretch forever
    the headlights and the streetlights are all i need
    and i don’t want to hear a thing
    and i don’t want to be a part of anything

    i just want to be alone
    with my telephone off
    and my lights off
    and my four-track on
    singing this song
    and wishing i was somewhere else

    glad i missed you today
    but i wish i had hardwood floors, just like yours
    i’d sing to them and they’d listen to me

    i’d sing myself to sleep
    with some recycled melody
    and some words i’d pretend you wrote for me
    and some birds would sing and scold me for loving and hating so effortlessly

    drive by your house tonight
    i go by five times
    the streets are filled with cars
    and some sense of purpose
    i should go home
  10. dead letter 3:31 » lyrics
    i’ll write this letter to you
    address, stamp, and throw it away to keep it safe
    if these words ever reach you
    in your happy lonely place
    please return it because i know i mean it
    there’s a place in my heart for you even if you don’t want it

    don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for a sunnier day

    you know i’d be allright
    if i could come home to you every night
    i’d work hard to see
    that everything is the way we want it to be

    i wish i knew you in high school
    i would’ve won your heart when we were both young and stupid
    now i’m not as naive as i used to be
    these few years have beaten me
    and the beatles no longer interest me

    and i’m sure you were always too smart for me

    there are pages i’ve written for you
    filled with every thought i’ve ever had about you
    and every word is true
    and i will wait for you to decide
  11. classified ad 3:22 » lyrics
    she reads palms like an acid queen
    and double parks in handicapped spots
    and speaks her mind like a bug in the pants
    and never says hello
    sleeps with a jerk who tucks in his shirts
    comes over and tells me to leave
    sings a song that’s oh so sad
    but she’ll end her night with anyone but me

    i’m waiting for the right girl
    but she doesn’t seem to want to answer my classified ad

    monday’s masochist would write me letters
    tuesday’s girl would stomp my flowers
    wednesday’s beauty would call me five times a day
    thursday’s lady would steal my records
    friday’s baby’s in love with someone else
    saturday she’s in love with everyone else
    sunday’s my day for regretting wasting all the weekdays
  12. words better said 2:38 » lyrics
    so beautiful out tonight
    wish i could be standing here with you
    instead of talking on the phone with you
    these are words better said to your face and ended with a kiss

    stood on a hill talking to you
    watching all the people and the cars
    and i swear nothing’s ever seemed so great before

    i played tonight and pretended i was singing to you
    and i loved all the people there
    and i hoped my somebody could be you
    if you hear me now know my intentions are good
    i want to be the one for you

    there’s a light tonight out in the sky
    i wish i could send this song to you
    there’s some hope tonight
    there’s some love tonight
    and i know it’s all because of you
  13. love like nuclear war 2:05 » lyrics
    you said our love was like nuclear war
    mutually assured destruction
    but i have trouble believing you’re in the shape that i am
    the way you talked about your freedom

    and i said i was okay but i’m sure you knew i was lying
    and sure you’re sad but that won’t bring you back to me

    the rose i gave you was blooming as you told me
    this just wasn’t working
    and i held back my comment on how poetic that was

    and i’m doing okay or i told you i was
    so maybe you wouldn’t feel sorry for me
    but i cried in front of you
    i find it too damn hard to lie to you
    but i’m always okay
  14. big city, small town 1:49 » lyrics
    driving up the highway you could see nothing for miles
    i remember maybe i made it up
    there was a time there was nothing past the mountain
    sad to see how easily we gave it up

    can’t see the stars at night
    can’t see past the city lights
    i’m sure to god they seem awfully bright
    big city much too soon
    big city, there’s no room for you
    and a small town
    it’s still a small town