throwing mud at your streetlight

© Rushmore Beekeepers, released October 30, 2009
  • All songs written and recorded by Zach Fountain
  • Album art / design by Amanda Hawkins
  • Recording, mixing, drums, bass, keyboard, trumpet, and the second half of the guitar solo on "under the blue" by Sam Greene


  1. hands out to the sun 1:34 » lyrics
    feet flat on the ground, i’ve got nothing to do but stand around
    my hands are empty but my heart is full, overflowing

    tongue’s all tied in knots, forgot to say what i forgot
    words never come to me, the feelings never seem to leave

    holding both my hands out to the sun
    wishing i could share my love with everyone
  2. street i've never seen 3:41 » lyrics
    dark eyes and flowing red hair dyed brown
    blue paintings all around, but her eyes facing the ground
    i tried, she was like a queen
    i thought the best i’d ever seen, but another man’s rose of abilene

    her scarf, it was dusty blue
    and it shone like the moonlight on somebody’s tomb
    i starved myself for affection
    sensitive attention, my soft angelic pretension

    her man, he travelled to talk to me
    left me bruised and bloody on a street i’d never see
    i can’t put my eyes to the ground
    i see her all around, but she’ll never make a sound

    the aftertaste of love is bitter
    wish i’d never met her, or that i could forget her
    such a waste of hearts like hers and mine
    i’ll learn some lesson in time, you could read a novel in someone’s eyes
  3. what it's like to be sad 3:32 » lyrics
    she left me for the farmland of nebraska, said she needed a different pace
    the boys there are sad and drunk and arty
    and somehow much more fun than me and the smile on my face
    so i sadly helped her bags and paid her bus ticket and she rode away, her hair all black and shiny
    and i set out to frown and pout and i learned how to be smart and whiny
    i wanted to show her i really did know her better than some farmboy listening to the smiths
    so i bought my bus ticket, brought a guitar and a song
    and a pie from mrs. griffith’s

    the first day was really fun, i didn’t get a whole lot done
    because i’d taken the wrong bus and ended up on the set of land of the dead
    so i ran out and killed a zombie, signed a release and george thanked me
    and i found a hotel to rest my weary head
    got up the next morning to find the bus depot, but without any warning the president had declared martial law
    the living dead really weren’t dead and gun-hating americans couldn’t aim for the head
    so things had gotten out of control
    and i thought of my darling kimberly, even though she hated me, i knew she wasn’t safe with a bunch of emos in nebraska
    so i got some coffee, stole a car, then a gun and a crowbar and started off on a very long drive

    i had boxes of food and ammunition and by ohio i really was wishing i’d brought something besides kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
    by decatur, illinois i really liked being a single boy, ‘cause i smelled real bad and yelled along to the radio
    but then i started thinking of things and looked at my picture of kimberly and barreled on down the road
    by the time i got to omaha all that was left was bones to gnaw, so it’s a good thing she had moved to lincoln
    knocked on her door at half past four, got no anwer so i knocked twice more, and finally i just walked in
    she tried to kiss me with her teeth, so i smashed her in the cheek and shot her in the head
    now i know what it’s like to be sad
  4. under the blue 3:48 » lyrics
    under the blue moon i left you waiting, maybe sitting on a blanket lonely
    you told me the blue moon only shines every once in awhile

    there was a time i would purposely miss a button just to have you close to me
    you’d snap it shut, straighten my collar, then turn around and walk away

    so i read that damn article again, is it really two more years till another
    you told me the blue moon shining sure would be something to see

    under a blue moon you left me waiting, baby, sitting on a blanket meant for two
    i missed my chance with you, and i missed the blue moon too
  5. the breeze that danced you from me 3:10 » lyrics
    the mandolins sang softly and sweetly in the warm summer air, drifting like the breeze that brought you then took you from me
    i sat at the café till the lady took all the chairs inside, then i sat on the sidewalk, just sat till the sun came up

    we danced in the street, i stepped on your feet again and again, waltzing so clumsy like the goodnight kiss landing on your cheek
    i walked all the way home, down streets that i know, and still got lost
    the time we had spent left me a mess, i’m still here

    the end of it all won’t come soon enough for my mandolin, we remember the chords but the melody lines are long lost
    i had hold of your hands long enough to write down the words, but they left like the breeze that danced you and took you from me
  6. a cure for bad dreams 2:31 » lyrics
    there’s a dark figure standing in my doorway, waiting for me to return to his side
    nobody told him i have a love now, my loneliness a passer-by

    there’s this nightmare i have most every night that i’m all alone in a friendly place
    but i reach out terrified and she’s by my side, my anxiety drifts away

    someday we may be out in the world without the support of anyone around us
    if it is just we two i know we will make it through anything that surrounds us

    there’s an angel standing in my doorway giving me the go-ahead sign
    he has kept the demons back long enough, i can handle them this time

    there’s a woman i know well, better than anyone else, radiant and mystical and magical we’re bound together
    everything we do we can make it through the best and worst of weather
  7. hey, hey 4:29 » lyrics
    from the coastline of your thoughts to the window of your tiny box, the waves come a-rolling
    the best thing and the worst thing you ever had, you’re looking at them like they’re the same
    you tuck away that good feeling you had for awhile and hide it like it was stolen
    the smile you thought you knew, the person who was holding you had a different name
    and hey, hey, it’s a new day
    hey, hey, it’s another day

    your beat up truck never runs like it should but there’s plenty of room for you and a good friend
    your life never works like you think it should, the empty seat stays empty
    everybody treats you like a good pal, you go to the same places on the weekends
    and you write letters you never mail, they sit and collect dust like they’re antiques

    the sky is falling like an old building, one piece of wood at a time
    and you keep waiting for tomorrow like you’ll live forever, but your hair is turning grey
    the sky is falling, like memories it’ll bury you soon
    and you’ll find everyone you thought was a friend was just another person on just another day
  8. all it takes 2:07 » lyrics
    your bright blue eyes almost knocked me to the ground
    and i’m lost in you again
    heard your voice and forgot what i was singin’
    i might never be the same again

    this big house, i’m staying here for two weeks
    only gives me too much time to think about you

    please wait for me, i’ll be there
    and i’ll be waiting just for you
    i’ll be wanting to talk to you
    i’ll try to hold my thoughts back till then
    don’t want to scare you, but i don’t want this to end

    this is a place we make for each other
    if we’re happy and we know it, and we know what we want
    this is a place we make for each other, time is all it takes
    and time is all we have
    yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
  9. the right time 2:51 » lyrics
    i can see heaven in your eyes on the right day at the right time
    and it’s always the right time

    how great to be feeding your dogs, going on trips with your dad and mom
    making coffee at your house, knowing what you and me is all about
    it’s always been the right thing

    thinking of words to songs about you while we’re in the same room
    holding hands and department store cruising, and every other little thing that we’re doing
    it’s always the right time

    two years and counting, tomorrow we’ll start three
  10. where we are 2:07 » lyrics
    every time i see you smile i just want to sit awhile with you
    and talk about everything, lay out every plan and dream with you
    but then i know we have plenty of time for that

    bracelets may break and songs they may get old
    but these are just reflections of things that won’t get old
    we talked on the road in front of my grandpa’s bar
    and if we hadn’t met then, we’d still be where we are
    because we’re not just people, we’re people who found each other

    i never feel out of place in your company
    and every time i sing to you, you know you’ve spoken to me
    and i’m falling in love with you in different ways and at different times
    it may be a cliché, that doesn’t mean it’s a lie
  11. it's always this way 2:46 » lyrics
    the most beautiful sunrise happened today, but the curtains were drawn and i just looked at your face
    through the troubles and surprises and dark skies
    and through the patterns and the light everything’s okay with all of its might

    despite shipwrecks and storms, there’s always a harbor nearby
    between love and beauty, there’s never a question to ask or a reason to keep you on the other side

    i can hear you smiling in the dark, and wait for your next word because everything i’ve ever heard could change
    the moonlight shines like a projector
    though i can’t see anything, i can hear everything

    and i wonder if it’s always this way
    and if the mesas and the mountains and the view from within the valley will always be this beautiful
    or did i dream it and softly whisper to you
    everything will change but us two
  12. like a pirate's hat 2:37 » lyrics
    the silent sounds of footsteps echo where you’ve been
    my porchlight’s broken but i’ll still let you in
    you held your hands pointed like a pirate’s hat
    always looking straight ahead, i wonder how you walk like that

    but you’ll be holding my hand before you have a chance to say no
    i’m the one for you my darling, though i never told you so
    and i’ll be walking down your street, i’ll be waiting for you to notice me

    your self-portrait was impressive, blue ink and turpentine
    in a photo of your friends you held a hand that felt like mine
    i wrote you a letter, then i threw it away
    hoping you’d dig through my trash and know what i meant to say

    the days are oppressive and the nights get even worse
    it seems our relationship is headed in reverse
    i lost my address book and you never knew my number
    this tidal wave of anxiety is pulling me under
  13. some bad words 4:55 » lyrics
    in the stillness and my sleepy eyes i wonder if you pass me by
    in the hope i may think of you, or wonder who’s walking by
    from the pawn shops to art galleries, i look for things to make me think of you
    hoping i will forget those thrift store promises that made me blue

    on any rainy cold night i may be here still, wandering the streets like a drunk
    hoping i may pass you by, just to say some bad words

    dinner for two at some fancy restaurant, or your brother yelling at me to go home
    it was all the same, you were just a pain, but it’s awful fun to be so mad and mean
    oh, i drove by our favorite spot yesterday, that big old tree by the riverside
    i wished i’d had an axe, i’d chop the damn thing down
    or some kerosene, i’d burn it with your family around

    oh, i walked by your house just the other night, yes that was me, throwing mud at your streetlight
    hoping i could see you one more time, just to say some bad words
  14. natural disasters, haircuts, and more 3:38 » lyrics
    well i wait till my hair gets real thick, then i chop it all off
    something about sweeping up a pile of curls
    well i can see heaven in your eyes on the right day at the right time
    something about something i’ve never seen in anyone else

    i was in the first grade when the hurricane began, the teacher took us underground but nothing ever happened
    then i felt the ocean was mine
    and how old was i when the tornado came around, the sky was pale, i was in the bathtub
    and i felt fine
    i had a good friend who traded misery for me, then she traded me for misery
    and though i miss her, i kinda hope i never see her again

    tangled up in words and i hope i say something right
    love songs in my head, blank pages on my knee
    trying to make myself into something that i can like, and everyday i kid myself i’m that much closer