maybe by this time next year

© Rushmore Beekeepers, released October 22, 2004

Written and recorded on four-track cassette at Dirt to Mud Studios between December 2002 and April 2003.

Parental advisory, I guess?

  • All songs written and recorded by Zach Fountain
  • Album art / design by Amanda Hawkins


  1. maybe by this time next year » lyrics
    maybe by this time next year
    we’ll be having christmas together
    maybe by this time next year
    all your troubles will be gone

    i know it’s hard to see any good
    especially with the shit you’ve been through
    and i know this won’t solve everything
    but you know i would be good to you

    and you know i ran out of the diner after i saw you
    because i thought i might have something to say
    and i wrote you a song
    but it didn’t come out right anyway

    so i’ll keep trying till i find something
    i can sing while looking you in the eye
    so darling let me kiss you and happy days
    may be on their way for you and i
  2. church lets out... » lyrics
    church lets out on saturday night
    i promised i’d see the play
    but the love i feel hasn’t filled my heart with god
    i’m content but i want more
    and tonight i know at least i’m alive

    and i’m waiting for you to come around
    i’m wanting you to be around
    i’m waiting for you to come around
    because i have no faith
    but my heart is overflowing with love
  3. a year ago today » lyrics
    i met you a year ago today
    you reminded me
    surprised that you remembered
    brings some light into this poor boy’s life
    that you might think something of me

    sang songs for you a year ago
    and i’m sure you have no idea
    all the nice things, all those mean things i said
    wish i could take back some of them

    oh darling, i’ve heard your voice again
    and it’s just enough to cheer me up again
    oh darling, i’ve seen your face
    and it’s just enough to know i’ve had too much

    oh i’m doing okay again
    things seem to be the way they were then
    and i’ll write another album for you
    and make sure you hear it this time
    because maybe the songs will be nice

    i just met a beautiful girl
    and the cold winter wind don’t seem so cold anymore

    can i call you tonight
  4. someone i recognize » lyrics
    she’s a fighter who knows what she’s doing
    yes, i’m afraid she’s years ahead of me
    i look at her and in her eyes
    i see someone i recognize
    the beautiful princess i hope
    could someday be my wife

    so beautiful to me, so wonderful to me

    there were seas of mighty demons
    and hills filled with robbers
    and many fair maidens to protect everywhere
    i’ve traveled many a mile to hear your answer
    so please don’t turn me
    back into the wind and the rain and the cold
  5. my cowboy hat » lyrics
    so nice to see you again at the party
    you drank and we talked
    and we danced until we fell onto the floor
    then we went out onto the porch to cool off
    and talk some more

    i wanted to kiss you
    but everyone came outside like we were the party
    i still want to kiss you
    but now that we’re alone i don’t know what to do
    and i wanted to tell you, yeah, i wanted to

    i’ve got my cowboy hat
    thought it would impress you
    but it’s still on my hat rack
    thought about you going to sleep
    and only got up this morning because you called me

    i think of you and all the things that we might do
    i still don’t know what to say
    but maybe i will tell you today
  6. from giving in to giving up » lyrics
    sometimes i think maybe i shouldn’t look at people so closely
    and just let this be as it is
    you say a lot of things that could be nice
    if you really mean them
    and i wonder if you hear the things i say to you
    when i say i want to be with you

    and i hope you hear me and my inarticulate phrasing
    and my awkward touches, that’s the way i’m praying
    i want to stay with you and watch movies with you
    and spend the night with you and wake up with you

    but i want to leave tonight and not have to face you
    and the things i will never tell
    i want to leave tonight but i’d never forget
    the things i gave up from giving in to giving up
  7. with your truck door open » lyrics
    days move so fast and we move so slow
    i’m running out of time to let you know
    one year wasted, three weeks of this
    now it’s all hanging on today
    and the possibility of a first kiss

    we talk on the phone i’m full of anxiety
    this is not my idea of the perfect time
    so i’ll put it off till another day
    and take another chance
    on a love that can’t wait

    we say goodnight outside of my apartment
    in the cold with your truck door open
    i tell you, i get half an answer
    you like me
    but you’re trying not to
  8. one way mirror » lyrics
    my tv is always off, the screen is black
    it vaguely reflects me and the things in my show
    can’t read the expression on my face
    or see the color of my eyes
    are they really mine, i don’t know

    doesn’t matter how hard you try if you don’t succeed
    you may have everything you want
    but you’ll never have enough of what you need

    we are insured to death
    so we pay our dues and go to church
    as if we believe in the good it will bring
    everybody has an answer, it’s really cool to care
    i find it hard to believe in anything

    and i try hard to write something
    that’ll make someone feel something
    but i don’t know if anyone will ever hear me
    and i tried to be someone but i gave up long ago
    because i’ll never get hurt or hurt somebody if it’s just me

    are we all stars in our own tv shows
    or do i just hate myself so much i can’t see the screen
    and i can see your sadness but i can’t do anything to help
    it’s a one-way mirror
    i wish i couldn’t see myself
  9. performance art » lyrics
    i thought of something to tell you but i forgot
    i thought i’d give you a call but maybe not
    thought i’d leave the words to “the shining” on your porch door
    maybe then you’d remember me and that wonderful way we were

    bettie serveert, beck, and badly drawn boy
    these are the things i remember you by
    and some cards and drawings
    and a piece of art i stuck to my guitar

    the days go fast since you are gone
    still find it impossible to let myself move on

    oh, and it’s almost a month
    i should be out looking for someone else
    but all the girls, they pale in comparison to you
  10. gravity's my best friend » lyrics
    i’d love to go to your house for dinner again
    but that would mean we’d have to be friends
    i wanted something more
    and i still hope this could happen

    i’ve seen the way you look at me
    and when i’m singing i know you know i’m singing just to you
    there are so many things to say
    about trying to put to words what i want to say
    and i just think it would be nice to give it another try

    i could trim your hair
    and we could sing songs together
    and you could draw me pictures
    and i could paint and cry a river just for you

    i wish i could write something
    to ease your troubled mind, darling
    but i know it’s too late
    the weather’s nice, i could walk to your house
    but it would only be for the fresh air

    gravity’s my best friend
    he points out all the people on the ground
    makes sure i see them
    that’s where i should be
    he tells me “that’s where you should be”
  11. possibilities slip away » lyrics
    i wish you could know
    how happy it made me to see you today
    and i’m just counting the minutes
    till i see you again
    and i wonder how i’ll behave then
    and will i ever find the right thing to say
    or will i let this possibility slip away
  12. jacket weather » lyrics
    you can turn off the porch light and turn up the stereo
    take off your shoes because she’s not coming back
    you can cry all you want and sing all you want
    she won’t hear you, she’s all done with that
    and you could say oh, oh, oh
    wish you didn’t have to go

    these streets are lined with the dreams
    that i’ve always kept in my brain
    and i just thought maybe if i didn’t do anything different
    your feelings would never change
    but here i am walking in the cold alone
    on the way back from walking you home

    she’s better off without me
    wish i was all right without her

    there’s a hole in my heart
    where all the bad things go
    it’s getting bigger every day
    it’s full of the sweet things she told me
    and words i wish i said i’d never say
  13. brick and mortar » lyrics
    were we the mistake i said i’d never make again
    oh, because when i held your hand it was in such confidence

    and i kissed you so that you knew you were loved
    and everything was the way it should have been
    you could hide your fears and smile and i may never know
    or maybe you would become comfortable

    but if you walk away, there’s only one direction we can go
    never knowing what could have been

    and i’m sitting in a room in las vegas
    i should be out on the strip
    but i’ve wanted to see you so bad these few days
    i’m lost more than ever

    and i’m always without you
    and the miles between us hurt me with something new
    this is my life without you
    you and i will never be the way i wanted us to be

    i wish my feelings could be a song
    maybe you’d be here singing

    and i’ll draw a line
    you and i will stand on either side
    the line becomes a wall
    and i will build the wall
  14. things to forget » lyrics
    things i have to forget
    her smile, and the way she sings
    and her loving touch, and waking up with her

    each night was a thousand years
    and still not enough time
    if i was that flower she left in her pocket
    i think i’d be fine

    there is a dark sky
    and a love that will never be returned
    i can see her now with that knit cap
    and her black hair hanging in her face

    she’s somewhere else and happier there
    so who i am to say what’s best for her
    there is a point where fate takes control
    do we really get what we deserve

    about your smile as sweet as the day is long
    i thought i might write a song
    but that i found i could not do
    so here’s a great big broken heart for you
  15. the world spinning » lyrics
    the world spinning, i wish i could stop time
    from moving so fast
    i can see the good things
    though the good things never did last
    nothing ever changes
    because the bags were already packed
    nothing ever changes
    once i walked out the door i knew i wouldn’t be back

    and oh, i just want you to know
    i’m hoping for a new life
    and i want it to be with you

    i know i wrote a lot of songs that weren’t for you
    and i held back a lot of things i should have said to you
    you’re 300 miles away and i’m lost but you’re coming home
    want to see your face from out of the crowd
    and your eyes will shine on me and i’ll know

    the world spinning, i wish i could stop time
    from moving so fast
    i would hold this moment forever and ever
  16. promise me the moon » lyrics
    if you promised me the moon i would wait for you
    despite what any of my friends would say
    and if you said you’d want to i would go back to you
    because i don’t have the strength to stay away
    if you said you were wrong, silver hearts are hung
    i would apologize and go away

    i can’t get through, i think i love you
    but that’s a f***ing stupid thing to say

    you said you didn’t want to marry
    but i never asked you
    and i think i will go this one alone
    and i could try my best to love you madly
    but i know this would still end badly
    this house could never be a home

    and i won’t wait for you
    but i can’t move on from you
    i know this is where i’m bound to die

    i can’t get through, i think i love you
    but that’s a f***ing stupid thing to say