bee a bear

© Rushmore Beekeepers, released March 11, 2012
  • All songs written and recorded by Zach Fountain
  • Album art / design by Amanda Hawkins


  1. gorilla masks 2:53 » lyrics
    nothing is wrong with me i can’t repair
    nothing is wrong with me when i’m not there
    yeah, sometimes i can’t wait to be home

    get so scared whenever i go out
    have to talk a lot and smile around
    hoping i don’t say something out of turn

    all the people that i know, and all the people that i see
    wonder if they know the effect they have on me

    the girl at the diner said no gorilla masks
    don’t want to rob the place
    just don’t want to be asked, hey how are you on this lovely afternoon
    don’t answer the door when i’m home alone
    could be someone important, always someone i don’t know
    let them ring that bell, and i won’t move

    all the people that i don’t know, and all the people that i don’t see
    i know they know the effect they have on me
  2. almost fall 2:01 » lyrics
    cooling down a little bit, almost fall and we will sit
    in our backyard in our long scarves
    watching dogs chase aeroplanes

    words we both say will dance and play
    we will kiss and they will stay in both our hearts
    as we part and as we join together again

    dance around my pretty lady to a song we both know well
    close your eyes and when your rise i will be right there by your side

    when winter comes it will be fun to be cold for a month or two
    the desert’s strong, cold won’t last long
    we want to wear jackets every day of the year
  3. all these things 2:34 » lyrics
    if i were a boat i’d sail the open sea and i’d always be sure to take you with me
    if i were an animal, i’d want to be a bear and i’d scare away anyone who wanted to do you harm

    da da, da da, da da, da da da da

    if i were a dog i’d probably be a mutt and i’d look really funny but i’d give you all my love
    and if i were a house i’d be this house, here for you no matter how bad your day was

    i’m just me but i want to be all these things
    all these things, and everything you need
  4. always and never 2:15 » lyrics
    always remember my nightmares
    never remember my good dreams
    but when i wake and you are next to me
    nothing’s as bad as it seems

    never remember the things that you say to me
    always remember the way that you say them
    but i want to give you more happiness than you could ever spend

    always like it complicated
    never looking for some simple thing
    but when i see that look that you give me
    i have no trouble believing

    so let’s go out and lie in the park
    always and nevers lost in the dark
    i’ve made more promises than i have told
    but never more than my hands can hold
  5. quiet here 2:54 » lyrics
    it's so hard without you here, i don't know what to do with myself
    it's so easy to stay busy and not do much of anything
    it's so hard to stay at home, but i don't want to go out
    it's so hard to stay at home and not make lots of noise
    and i make lots of noise

    it gets so quiet here
    it gets too quiet here
    i can hear myself

    i take things apart and put them back together, not in a way that's smart
    they're never quite right afterward
    it's so easy to get distracted by things that do not matter
    some things they do not matter

    it gets so quiet here, it gets so quiet here, it gets too quiet here
    i can hear myself
    i can hear myself think
  6. if you got old 5:01 » lyrics
    when i read what you said about christmas, you were just listening to records and drinking
    oh, when i heard about you, that’s all i was thinking

    when i saw your picture in the news, smiling from the local obituary
    was like your ghost was there, looking at me

    well, i can’t remember the time and place i was talking to you
    was it about bob dylan, or did i say something rude

    well, i might hear one of your bass lines in some song that i’m playing
    you might turn to me and smile
    what’s that you were saying

    put on my morning jacket and went for a walk in the desert cold
    and spent my day wondering what you’d look like if you got old
  7. the playing field 2:35 » lyrics
    the new year came and i wasn’t ready
    over halfway over and i’m holding steady
    there are some things I’d like to do
    don’t know what they are, it’s true
    i’ve never made a resolution

    there are times i want to tell you everything i can
    but i stop myself from acting stupid because i don’t understand
    what it means to rise above this playing field
    these teams we’re supposed to be a part of
    i’d rather sit out this whole game

    there are mornings i wake up, i can see more years in my face than i can own up to
    i hold steady at this erratic pace
    these years have come and gone, though i tried hard to hold on
    i’ve never made a resolution

    these people have come and gone, though i tried hard to hold on
    i’ve never made a resolution
  8. the list 2:09 » lyrics
    not sure i believe it yet, i keep hoping you faked your death
    hoping it’s all a big joke and you’ll reappear in a cloud of smoke
    i’m reading all these goodbyes online, i’m not ready to say mine
    looking for your name in the paper, just to see

    not really sure if you meant it, i’m really hoping that you didn’t
    thought more people would beat you to the end
    but the list wraps around and back again
    once i can’t find you anywhere, i’ll admit that you are nowhere to be found
    maybe in the sky or in the ground
  9. the happiness we've found 2:30 » lyrics
    come now my darling, shed all your fears
    anything we might need is already here
    you watch the sky, i’ll keep my ear to the ground
    we’ll discover nothing like the happiness we’ve found

    the gamblers throw everything at the hope of a win
    but you were a sure bet from the very beginning
    and show lines they form long after we’re gone
    we don’t need entertainment, we can sing our own songs

    ambiguous waiters, gondolas, evening light, or Mexican restaurants in the middle of the night
    the time we have together, it is always spent well
    our love is like a sweet take on some fairy tale

    six hundred miles from what was our home
    we mixed our possessions and made our own
    the years they come, they come and they leave
    for each one we have, that’s one less to grieve
  10. glad new day 3:42 » lyrics
    main street is heaven tonight
    my car is the only one on the road
    i could close my eyes and go through all the red lights
    and make it home

    up too late with nothing to say
    and i left early even though you asked me to stay
    the morning light is far too blue for me not to be with you
    and i wish i had stayed
    but there will be another day

    there is something wonderful about everything you do
    and never enough ways to say just how i feel about you
    nothing feels quite the same
    now that you’re around to blame for this good feeling
    and my door opens to a glad new day

    the stars shine like dreams
    and the galaxy spins exactly as it seems
    for the first time in a long time, i feel all right
  11. fade into view / sleepyhead 3:30 » lyrics
    kids are playing in the street
    the neighbors are pulling the trash cans in
    i can hear dogs barking, cars driving by

    you are sleeping in the next room
    i’m whispering so i don’t wake you
    just want you to know you make anyplace feel like home

    with all the lights left on at night
    the stars don’t have room to shine
    we will see them on the road, they’ll fade into view

    you are waking in the next room
    and i’m whispering to softly wake you
    and you should know you make anyplace feel like home
  12. the road between 3:04 » lyrics
    i’ll be leaving in the morning, i’ll be gone and on my way
    i’ll be looking for you, darling, every single step i take
    the road may be long and winding and i’m no good at directions
    but i will find my way across, yes, i will find my way

    i’ll buy a bag of flower seeds and when they finally bloom
    i’ll tie a ribbon ‘round the stem and deliver them to you
    the soil’s bad and water’s scarce and the weeds they grow so tall
    but they will find a way to blossom, they will find their way

    this trucker’s atlas is too old, these roads are all shut down
    the planes have all been grounded but the buses they got out
    may take some time to get there and my feet are worn and sore
    but i will find my way to you, yes, i will find my way

    saw each other on the road between nowhere and nowhere else
    you were with your dogs and i was by myself
    my map was torn and faded but you had one of your own
    and we will find our way across, yes, we will find our way