like they do in movies

© Rushmore Beekeepers, released October 28, 2006

Written and recorded at Dirt to Mud Studios between October 2003 and March 2005.

  • Cover art; all songs written and recorded by Zach Fountain
  • Album insert art / design by Amanda Hawkins


  1. never would have said a thing 4:44 » lyrics
    we could have a talk tonight and i could find out where we stand
    but it would never be so simple with you
    and i could hold your hand or i could shake it goodbye
    i wonder if it doesn’t matter to you

    i dream of a perfect love and i can’t convince myself
    i haven’t found her
    i dream of a perfect love, when i look in your eyes
    i think i’ve found her

    and i’m in love, and you’re playing along
    but i won’t pretend just to be your good friend
    the devil winks when an angel smiles
    because everything beautiful will end

    winter comes and we’re home again
    the cold will kill the thirst
    i was hoping i’d die tonight if i could call you first
    i’m feeling lonesome but i doubt there’s anything you can do
    i never would have said a thing if i hadn’t thought you felt something too
  2. your new car 3:30 » lyrics
    we sat in your car and talked about nothing
    i wanted to tell you i still feel that something
    every once in a while it goes away but most of the time
    i think it’ll never change

    and i’m looking for a way out of my doubt about doubts
    and i’m seeing your face with or without you
    i swear i’m trying to stop but i can’t help but think you’re not

    we sat at other ends of the couch at the party
    you drank and i talked to everyone but you
    i wanted to walk you out, i wanted to know anything about myself

    and i’m looking for a way out of thoughts about you
    and i’m seein’ your face and i’m needin’ you
    and i don’t know how i made you the answer
    but things may never be the way they were when they were

    your name is always on the tip of my tongue
    and your picture is right behind my eyes
    and i’m thinkin’, i’m lyin’, i’m tryin’ to make it stop
    because everything, everything it’s not
    everything we think it is or everything i think you are
    or everything we’d never be
  3. the moon is bright 3:04 » lyrics
    wait till your car fades from my view and your face from my mind
    your words are a sea of unanswered questions and retired song lines
    if your life was nothing more than notes on a piano
    how far would your words go
    how far would your thoughts go

    leaves scatter as you leave a house that was never mine
    your dreams are not far from mine
    but your home is far from mine

    the night is cold but the moon is bright
    and your words they hold me
    like a baby they hold me
    like a priest they hold me
    like a lie they hold me

    like a siren’s wail there’s nothing else but your voice in song
    tied to your bumper and i’m strung along
    your home is far from mine

    your smile is a memory i refuse to erase
    your touch is a feeling i never will case
    streetlights blur as these thoughts stir and i’m glad i’m alone

    but it won’t be long till i’m home with my lights off
    sit in the dark and wait for you with my lights off
    your dreams are not far from mine
  4. the time that passes 4:05 » lyrics
    traces of glitter on my jacket
    frost on my windows
    it’s two a.m. and i can’t sleep
    make a list of thoughts i can’t express
    knowing nothing’s meaningless and nothing is quite so deep

    so i hold on for you
    and i hold on to you

    the sky won’t pass its grace onto me
    and doors open with uncertainty
    the time that passes splits into pieces
    all the things you try to keep you’ll wish you’d let go
    and i will never believe this

    so i hold out, and you
    you’re thinking of words like love i hope
    because i am too

    you take me someplace i don’t know where
    but it feels like home when i am there
    and the feelings pour out while the words stay in
    if you hold my hand you’ll have my heart
    there’s nothing quite as beautiful as you
    this is someplace i’ve never been
  5. lost in the lack of a moment 3:40 » lyrics
    i could be the one who never lets you down
    i could be the one whenever you need anybody around
    it’s long-sleeve weather and we’re better off together
    i’m singing your song and hoping you will know
    i’m singing your song and this time you will know

    called me after work, i’m sure you had something more to say
    than sorry you missed a cancelled lunch date
    i’m waiting for you
    i’ll wait forever
    i’ll stay this way forever

    i’ll give you all the hope and faith i haven’t left behind
    i’ll be in your dreams if you will be in mine
    i’ll call your name, i’ll sing your name
    lost in the lack of a moment
  6. distances 3:52 » lyrics
    you say i’m never listening and i say you’re just talking
    and i wanna know where you go when you’re not alone
    and distances grow greater between friends and lovers
    and those sons and daughters aren’t waiting for mother to sober up

    and i don’t want you to feel alone, i just want you to come home

    you say i’m just waiting for something perfect that’ll never come
    and i’ll wait for you to phone and spend my days alone just to prove you right

    and the strings that hold us together aren’t that strong
    and the flings last just long enough to make you think you belong
    and i want you to know there’s something here for you
    i want you to know i’m sticking around for you
  7. ufos 3:10 » lyrics
    i wanted to be something but i wasn’t sure just what, so i stuck with what i knew
    and i wanted to be someone, i wasn’t sure just what
    i wanted to be someone with nothing to do
    now i just wanna be someone to you

    so i will be me and you you, and we will be us
    one and one is one and two
    and we will hold each other as we stare at ufos
    up too late but never too late for you
    and i’d sing this at your window if you wanted me to

    when you let go of both my hands i hope you’re still holding me
    and thinking of some far away planet
    where neither you or i have been, even in our dreams
    but it’s right here, exactly where we want it
    and maybe nothing is really that far away
  8. nine states 3:46 » lyrics
    i wish i had something to say
    at a loss for some careful phrase
    if i said i love you, would it be too much
    if i said i need you, would it be too much

    but you’re years away and miles away and i know everything for you will be ok, someday

    got your postcard yesterday and we talked too
    now i have something tangible, a little piece of you
    it’s beautiful, the town where you live
    it’s wonderful and just like you it’s something i never had to give up

    and i could draw a map, but i’d still have to get through nine states
    before i get to you
    and if i touched your heart, you’re still miles away and we’re years apart

    if you should ever hear these words, know my heart is stronger than the sadness you’ve heard
    i am true to you even though you’re far away
    i hear your voice and see your face everyday
    though you’re years away and miles away i hope everything for us will be ok
  9. empty chairs 3:03 » lyrics
    this room was crowded, now it’s full of empty chairs
    this house was haunted but the memory is no longer there
    the eyes of those you love will look to others soon enough
    the people that you knew left because they got tired of you

    i’m alone again tonight, and for the first time in a long time
    i wish it was different
    i can’t make coffee right, and nothing anybody said makes me feel any better

    so i got home early and i talked to your answering machine
    should’ve left you alone, neither of us needs somebody like me
    your heart’s full of dreams and mine’s a mess
    saw a picture of you in a wedding dress
    but i wasn’t the groom
    maybe i’m not the man to stand next to you

    the world is a sea of careless love waiting for us to use it up
  10. september whenever 3:01 » lyrics
    painted pictures of you never looked like they were supposed to, but i guess you wanted it that way
    and all those blues and greens never seemed to match your feelings
    and you’re taking them down today

    and your photos lasted a long time but now you’re tired
    because the faces never smile like that anymore
    now it always seems like the wrong time to call, just to talk
    just because you’re bored
    and we’re all doing ok
    and it’s fine to find the time, if you want the signs you’ll see them

    and i’m believing everything i see, and i’m believing every word you say
    and i never became what you wanted me to be
    and i only stayed because you never asked me to leave
    and i only wanted you to stand next to me

    we held hands, i didn’t want you to die
    and you shook hands like you were waving goodbye
    i saved our name just in case
    and i put my heart in a safe place, in my chest and not my head
  11. high school again 3:13 » lyrics
    feels like i’m in high school again, you never come when you said you would
    you never do what you know you should
    and the cliques are just the same, and the people are the same
    just in different clothes

    if i were really your friend i guess i could say this to your face
    but i don’t understand making these divisions within such a small space
    and you know you’ve got it good when you’re in with the cool kids

    maybe nothing i have to say is as important as what you do
    oh brother, friend shouldn’t have to question each other
    i’m spending my night alone because i can’t take it anymore
    this loneliness i feel around you is far too much for me to ignore

    feels like i’m in high school again
    everybody knows everybody
    everybody knows something bad about somebody else
    everybody has something bad to say about somebody else
  12. this girl 2:30 » lyrics
    you’ve got a lot of nerve coming around this place
    after all that was said and done you could still keep a smile on your face
    you’re never interested unless the interest is in you
    you never think about it unless it’s about you
    well this girl is crying because of you

    you’re such an artist, you have your own studio space
    you cut your hair, found new friends and some style in the place of a sweetheart
    and left her standing in the rain
    you had a sweetheart, and you left her standing in the rain

    everything you say is interesting to you, and everything you do is interesting to you
    and anything that means anything is all about you
    well this girl is crying because of you
  13. here to stay 3:34 » lyrics
    every time i want to talk to you i just talk to myself
    and every time i want to be with you i’m just by myself
    but i know you’re a safe bet, i’m as sure as can be
    and i know, though sometimes i forget that you don’t hate me

    and i hope you are here to stay

    time goes by so slow when i’m waiting for it to go by
    writing these words but no
    there’s so much you don’t know
    these thoughts sound so funny in songs
    so much to get wrong
    only days since you’ve been gone
    but it’s only taken this long to know there’s nothing wrong
  14. the dressing room 3:53 » lyrics
    grace stands and sniffles and wipes her nose, and straightens the wedding gown she borrowed
    in the dressing room backstage, opening night of the play
    but she can’t be taught how to care

    seven times tim tried to call, but maureen ignored them all, i’m not waiting for him to straighten out
    and she said this to herself, and repeated it to everyone else, but he never heard a word of it
    finding work and sobriety he found himself just as lonely, good things never come, lest we forget

    mary had a love she knew would last, but it went away just as fast
    there’s nothing you can find that you can’t lose
    she knew things would someday change, that didn’t mean she didn’t have to wait
    when there’s good there’s always some bad news

    harry did himself in, one pill for every time god didn’t answer him
    at one point i tried to understand, i didn’t need a friend, i needed someone to see me through this

    time couldn’t go any slower as they all waited for it to be over, just to hear the applause
    if only they could see, and reach into the hand of equality, we all get the short straws
  15. an honest answer 1:45 » lyrics
    all i want is to see you like i’ve seen no one before, and not think about what’s not around anymore
    the past is not so nice, and that’s why it’s there
    the future is so bright and i see you there
    but i’m leaving your house and not feeling that great
    shouldn’t have been such a jerk but i guess i stayed out too late
    i’ll wait till tomorrow and apologize on the phone, sometimes it’s better to hear your thoughts when you’re all alone
    and i don’t want to know what’s not gonna happen
    and i should remember good things don’t always end
    and i don’t want to be everything that’s inside of me
    and i don’t want to see all the things hiding in me
    and i want to know you like nobody knows you
    i want to know you as only i could know you
    i want to see you there and know the world is beautiful
  16. some cliches 3:41 » lyrics
    if hope is wasted on the hopeless, here’s to hoping that’s not true
    because i’m hoping you’re thinking about me and you
    i rambled like an idiot and talked about nothing, trying to fill in the empty space
    but you smiled and talked to me, and didn’t seem to be thinking of some other place to be

    i want to hold you like they do in movies
    and tell you all those things you might find hard to believe
    but some clichés serve their purpose, though they sound funny they do
    though they seem funny they’re true

    and i want to take a walk to your house
    though i don’t know where you live, but if i left yesterday i might’ve found it by now
    time, and what we make of it, and words, and what we say with them

    i want to say goodnight and know there’s a hello
    i want to tell you how i feel and know you won’t say no
    but i’m waiting a couple of days
    i’ll give my anxiety a chance to go away