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song every seven by rushmore beekeepers
Rushmore Beekeepers

Remember when rushmore beekeepers released a song a week for a year? Here we go again! Zach is writing, recording and releasing one song every Tuesday from March 2020 to March 2021. Amanda’s creating original artwork for each song.

Listen here or listen/download over at bandcamp.

Love Morris - Fictitious Valentine (revisited) cover

love morris just released a new take on one of her old songs, just in time for everyone’s favorite/least favorite romantic holiday! Listen, stream, buy it here:

love morris christmas songs

love morris has a new Christmas album and it’s pretty fantastic. I’m probably biased because she is also in rbk, but either way I’m right. How did she record two albums in four-ish months? Who knows!

Stream it, buy it, share it, dance, and sing along!

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