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If playing Bröötal Sun Fest wasn’t going to be great enough, it was recently announced that rushmore beekeepers will be playing the South by Meow West stage. (Not to be confused with South By Southwest, although they are both filled with awesome bands.) Among other great bands, I’ll be sharing the stage on Sunday, March 11 once again with the fantastically talented (and super friendly!) Run-On Sunshine and Rumble Rumble.

Check out Mullarkey’s blog entry on the history of South by Meow West as well as the entire line-up at the Bröötal Sun Fest website.

If you haven’t downloaded the free rb Christmas mini-album, then you may be wondering how giraffes, zombies, and hot chocolate are all related. You might still be wondering that after downloading and listening, but at least you’ll be able to say you tried.

Happy Holidays and all that!

The Bröötal Sun Fest 2012 line-up was recently revealed, including, I am super excited to say, rushmore beekeepers! I’ll be performing alongside many, many wonderful bands from all around, some of which I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with in Tucson, AZ, Cedar City, UT, and here in Las Vegas, NV. This great adventure is taking place from March 9th to 11th in Tucson, AZ. You can find out more about the fest on Facebook, and you should probably go ahead and like the page so you can keep updated; although, I assure you, you’ll be hearing plenty about it from me.

And what’s this? Why, it’s the free rushmore beekeepers christmas mini-album you haven’t downloaded yet!

After such a musical year, between 52 of 28, my first tour, and recording / performing with my other group Scrap Iron Saints, it’s been a challenge keeping the momentum this year. I’m always looking for ways to keep my live performances interesting and fresh, and it had been years since I’ve played drums while performing; until March, I’d never played them live in Las Vegas.

I’ve never liked sitting down while playing live; I’m probably too self-conscious, but I try to avoid most things that could be interpreted as singer/songwriter. Maybe that’s why I never consistently performed live with my drums; I’d been used to standing up for performances, so even if I was doing something somewhat unique it just felt weird sitting down. My old set-up was a bass drum and high hat with tambourine, so for recent shows I ditched the high hat and set the tambourine on the bass drum, so there’s one drum to hit that covers highs and lows. Less involved, so I can stand up and focus more on singing and whatever other instrument I’m playing. (I know there are other ways to do that, but that would involve me finding a band.) There are only so many beats I can handle while performing and it only works with certain songs, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be doing this. But between that and switching out various instruments, I hope I can keep everyone entertained, maybe even convince an audience I’m a band.

It might get crowded:

Live at Studio 8 Ten

Don’t forget to hit the drum!

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