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Nine states, twelve shows and one live radio appearance later, I’ve found myself back in Las Vegas, settling in and catching up after the longest time I’ve spent away from home. (Although I drove through more than nine states, I only counted the nine in which I performed. Also, I have an old song called “nine states,” and I thought it was a neat coincidence.) It was a strange feeling, packing up and getting ready to head out onto the road, being only a musician for the better part of three weeks. I guess not only a musician, just as far as my profession goes. My instruments were all I really needed to perform my job, and that is a very different feeling. I have these songs, and that is what I do. I write songs and I play them.

People have asked about my favorite and least favorite shows, and that is a tough call. For diplomatic purposes, I won’t go into detail about my least favorite (although I enjoyed them all in varying degrees). I will say I absolutely loved Meadowlark in Lincoln, NE. I performed before an open mic, and the other performers (a very talented and varied group) and coffee shop patrons were very kind and receptive. The house show hosted by Forrest Fallows in Tucson, AZ was great fun. I think there were around ten performers, and a nice variety of styles. Forrest and his friends/fans welcomed me, fed me, passed the hat around, and gave me a place to sleep. They also seemed to truly enjoy my music, which is definitely the point of it all.

Isn’t this exciting? I’m finally almost caught up with 52 of 28! I wrote “second to last” just goofing around before playing my last song at The Tin Angel (“just passing by,” if you were curious). I kinda kept it in my head, and it was the only real attempt I’d made at writing that week. It was amazing to be traveling and seeing all of these new places, so I was admittedly distracted.

I sat down and wrote “the name of every building” immediately after checking into my hotel room in Austin, TX. Austin was such an inspiring place to me; I would’ve liked to write more, but I was so tired. After my show at Kick Butt Coffee, I’d sat out front and played guitar with a great songwriter and nice guy named Denver from The Organic Think Machines. I still hope to blog about the fantastic tour, so I probably shouldn’t write too much about it now.

You may also notice a different sound to “the name of every building”. I have yet to make good on my promise to send Sam Greene a song to finish, so while I was in Mesa, AZ, we recorded it at his studio, Greene Means Go. I played guitar and sang, Amanda Hawkins played bass and sang, and Sam did everything else. I try to get Amanda to sing with me every chance I get, because I absolutely love her voice. Sam’s arrangements are always always unique, inventive, and fitting. (We recorded this song at his studio also.) This one reminds me a bit of “public domain birthday song” with the big party at the end, although Sam hadn’t heard that one yet. I must give off that big-party-at-the-end-of-the-song vibe.

i don’t mind being alone right now
it gives me time to think about what i might say
or what i should say, what i will say

i don’t mind uncertainty right now
there are so many choices and they are all ours
they are ours, they are ours

and i could walk this street again
but with you, so many times
until we know every crack, and the name of every building

I’m sure you are all asking yourselves this very question. Well, they do not exist. I do have two songs done, and I’m hoping to write the already late title for this past week sometime this week. Of course, I assumed I’d have more time and desire to write songs and blog, but it was just so amazing to see all of these new places and meet new people (not to mention see family and old friends). So I will catch up, even if it’s late and I might believe it to be cheating.

At some point in the future, when it’s not so late at night and I haven’t been drinking coffee like crazy and exhibiting the classic Fountain sense of humor, we’ll all enjoy some pictures, stories, and songs.

If you can’t tell, I am very excited about the upcoming tour. It starts this Saturday at The Tin Angel in Salt Lake City, already. It’s going to be such an adventure, and I can’t wait to see you and / or tell you all about it.

My plan for 52 of 28, if you are wondering, is to continue writing a song a week, and maybe posting the lyrics and a blog entry. So when I come back, I hope to record them all. Or perhaps somewhere along the road, but we’ll see how that goes. If the audio is ok, I may post some videos of performances. But no promises.

<a href="">down this road (52-31) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

let’s go on down this road
let’s see these places we’ve never been
i’d like to share this adventure with you
i’d like to look up at this new world with you

let’s drive this highway after dark
let’s drive with the stars all around us
i’d like to share this adventure with you
i’d like to look up at this shining sky with you

let’s go on down this road
let’s see what we can find along the way
i’d like to share this adventure with you
i’d like to look around this new world with you

rushmore beekeepers is going on tour in October! I apologize to those of you I have neglected to tell in person. You should know this is a very exciting and scary thing for me.

Confirmed shows are (so far):
October 7 – Kansas City at The Brick
October 8 – St. Louis at Foam
October 12 – Tulsa at The Coffee House On Cherry Street
October 13 – Dallas at Opening Bell
October 14 – Austin at Kick Butt Coffee (Triangle)

I’ll post more info soon. If you know of any great folk-friendly places in/near: Flagstaff, Denver, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Memphis and Little Rock, let me know. (Coffeeshops and houses work just fine.)

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