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February 1 (sometimes referred to as Groundhog Day Eve) I played a brunch show with my show buddy Run-On Sunshine from Phoenix, AZ and Tom Grrrl, a high energy and hospitable two-piece punk/rock band from Austin.

It was so fun to see Run-On Sunshine again so soon after playing together at PHX FMLY FEST (we played different stages there, but it still counts).

Danny and Rachel of Tom Grrrl hosted the afternoon house show and prepared a delicious vegan brunch of chorizo lentil tamales, queso, guacamole, potatoes, coffee and other good stuff.

Tom Grrrl Austin Brunch Show

Tom Grrrl!

Tom Grrrl Austin Brunch Show

Tom Grrrl’s super awesome grand finale

Run-On Sunshine Austin brunch show

Run-On Sunshine bringing as much emotion and energy as a full band

rushmore beekeepers Austin brunch show

This is Chica. Many adorable dogs attended the show.

set list:

  1. no alarms (guitar and harmonica) – as Carrie told me, not setting alarms sometimes causes brunch
  2. all these things (banjo)
  3. a brand new love song (banjo)
  4. anywhere you want (guitar and harmonica)
  5. like a pirate’s hat (guitar and harmonica)
  6. the road between (mandolin)

Sunday’s show at The Owl was a fantastic night of experimental and unique folk sounds. The Owl, a venue and art gallery in East Austin, is comfortable and welcoming with a homey DIY vibe.

Cole Bee Wilson performed as H. Thunderbolt using two guitars, a glockenspiel played with two bows, a kalimba/thumb piano, effects pedals and a loop station. (I might have left something out.) His set was based on historical events leading up to the Battle of Cannae and his songs, as well as the background he offered, were engaging, entertaining, and educating.

Human Behavior‘s lineup was different than their last Austin show and featured clarinet and violin in addition to 12-string guitar, banjo, TVs, chains, rattling bones and haunting vocal arrangements. I considered requesting “Crag” and/or “Always Cold,” but it seemed like they had a plan and I didn’t want to interfere. Seeing them live is such a surreal experience; powerful and mesmerizing.

The duo Cross Record closed out the night with enchanting vocals, electric guitars, a big bass drum (and a smaller one) and additional percussion. Emily and Dan relocated from Chicago last fall, but they already seem to be at home in Texas, playing Merle Haggard and Townes Van Zandt covers.

The crowd was nice, attentive and responsive; it was reassuring to see that The Owl attracts such dedicated listeners. I opened the show with a short set, mostly on guitar, and closed with a new song:

  1. hey, hey (guitar and harmonica)
  2. the road through the headlights (guitar)
  3. upright to the wind (guitar and harmonica)
  4. the only light (banjo)
  5. dust (guitar)
  6. details (guitar and harmonica)
Battle of Cannae

Public domain image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Dark folk band Human Behavior is coming back to Austin, TX on Sunday, January 12 and I’ll be opening for them along with locals Cross Record and Cole Bee Wilson.

As you may know, I’m already crazy about Human Behavior. Their latest project is posting one song and video a day from Chile, starting on Christmas and ending January 6 (today).

I’ve been listening to Cross Record and I’m loving her experimental lo-fi folk sound, especially this album:

I’m just now starting to listen to Cole Bee Wilson’s avante garde folk music; here’s his latest tune on bandcamp:

I’m excited to see all of these bands, to play at a place called The Owl, and to perform with another “bee” musician. I wrote a new song around 2am last night/this morning. Maybe I’ll play it at the show. The world is full of possibilities.

rushmore beekeepers at Aside of Heart for PHX FMLY FEST 2013

Friday night I played at PHX FMLY FEST 2013, Phoenix’s second year and my first time performing at the music festival. Aside of Heart has a really neat outdoor stage and old theater seats for the audience. It was a little chilly out, but my instruments mostly stayed in tune and I had a lot of fun playing. The Aside of Heart and Lawn Gnome Books stages were back to back with staggered sets; I shared the 8pm-9pm hour with iji and played this set:

  1. breathe easy (mandolin)
  2. trace the constellations (guitar and harmonica)
  3. ufos (guitar and harmonica)
  4. all these things (mandolin)
  5. the eclipsed moon (ukulele)
  6. just passing by (guitar)
  7. some sense of purpose (guitar)

PHX FMLY FEST was also a great chance to catch live performances by some of my favorite Arizona bands: Run-On Sunshine (we’ll be playing together in Austin on February 1!), Hug of War, Diners, and Dogbreth. I saw parts of sets by Dylan Pratt (who also performed at Aside of Heart), Emby Alexander, and a number of other incredibly talented bands.

As a bonus, Hug of War, Dogbreth and iji (along with Straight Straws and Vacation Dad) played The Trunk Space the next night for Dogbreth’s Sentimental Health tour kickoff.

Run-On Sunshine at PHX FMLY FEST 2013

Run-On Sunshine at Bodega

Dogbreth at PHX FMLY FEST 2013

Dogbreth at Lawn Gnome Books

Diners at PHX FMLY FEST 2013

Diners at Lawn Gnome Books

I am super excited to be playing PHX FMLY FEST 2013! This amazing event is run by artists, for artists. 50+ bands will be performing on Friday, December 27, including some of my favorites in that region: Run-On Sunshine, Hug of War, Diners, and Dogbreth.

Music will be going from 3PM – 11PM on 8 stages. I’ll be playing at Aside of Heart at 8PM. (The facebook event has the complete lineup and schedule.) PHX FMLY FEST is all ages and passes are only $10 for 50+ bands and all those great times you’re sure to have. If you’re in the Phoenix area, come on out to 5th St. & Roosevelt!

Robbie Pfeffer of Rubber Brother Records shared some great insight on the Phoenix music scene, his record label, and FMLY FEST over at Valley Hype.

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