Kumar, Mr. LittleJeans, Pagoda

My friend Dan from The Yellow Dress delivered the sad news that Kumar Pallana, also known as Kumar (Bottle Rocket), Mr. LittleJeans (Rushmore) and Pagoda (The Royal Tenenbaums), passed away. He always played lovable and memorable characters, and he adds so much to Wes Anderson’s movies with such subtlety. I planned to someday visit the Cosmic Cup in Dallas in the hope of meeting him.

While looking for a sound bite of a Pagoda line I’m constantly and poorly imitating, “Oh shit, man,” I found this fantastic YouTube montage of his lines from The Royal Tenenbaums. (After I found it, I noticed the A.V. Club also included it in their post. Sometimes details escape me.)

Goodnight, Mr. LittleJeans.

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