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Lock your doors, close your blinds, and put on your tinfoil hat.

They're coming to get you!

I joined Lucy Steigerwald of The Stag Blog along with a panel of, er, fellow conspiracy theory enthusiasts for a chat about secret societies, the government, aliens, cryptids, and everything else that may or may not be out to get you. Watch it, if you dare.

Our chat – my second time on Politics for People Who Hate Politics – reminded me of my old song about aliens and paranoia, “the alien.” Knowing it was only a matter of time before the Men in Black get me, I decided it was time to give it a proper release. Well, that and I’ve been a horrible slacker when it comes to Patreon.

I don’t always like talking about politics, but there are exceptions; Lucy Steigerwald of The Stag Blog (and Vice, Rare and recently invited Seth Wilson of Cult Western and me to chat on her podcast, Politics for People Who Hate Politics. We talked about country music, libertarianism, and why music is better than politics.

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Two weeks down. This project has already gone further along than I thought. This song was going to be a silly country song (I only had the first two lines down for the longest time), but it got serious. Never know where a song is going to end up. I tried guitar, banjo, harmonica, harmonium, keyboard piano (casio, specifically), but in the end I really only liked the banjo.

she says she’ll take me home
but she knows i haven’t been drinking
she says there’s nothing wrong
but so much happens in the time you spend blinking
and there’s just one light that’s on tonight
and i let it shine, but i pull the shades closed tight
there’s just one light that’s on tonight

she says “i’ve never been here before
it’s the wrong side of town and these bands all sound the same”
she says “there’s nothing wrong
or at least no one left you can find to blame”
and she’s the only light that shines tonight
and she may try to put it out, but she’s burning bright
she’s the only light that shines tonight

she says she hates the desert rain
but it looks just like she must feel this evening
she says there’s nothing wrong
that won’t be allright when i start leaving
there’s just one light that’s on tonight
and it may lead me home, or get me in a fight
there’s just one light that’s on tonight

Also, Las Vegas Weekly did a web article on 52 of 28, really neat! They are so good to me.

One busy bee: Local musician embarks on a new mission

How exciting! From

Best Local Band Name: Rushmore Beekeepers.

We don’t envy readers being asked to pick one favorite local band; for us, that’d be like picking between children. But we can definitively pick our favorite local band name: Rushmore Beekeepers. Not catching the reference? Apparently you haven’t seen Wes Anderson-directed film Rushmore as many times as Vegas folkster Zach Fountain. No word on whether Fountain and his crew of pals/sometime bandmates do The Creation’s “Makin’ Time” in concert. ( (Spencer Patterson).

Las Vegas Weekly Staff’s Best-Of Buffet:

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