Doing something I often do, wondering about the end of the world, while trying something I don’t often do, using my deep voice. I had two versions I went back and forth between, the only real difference being the vocals. Finally decided that since it’s already a different kind of song for me, might as well go all the way.

i’ll wait for you where the leaves are falling
the dogs are barking
and the band is playing what could be our song

i’ll stay with you where the clouds are drifting
and the trains are rolling
and the people walk by like they do in cities in movies

and when the sunlight comes across, it’s blinding but beautiful
and these words confuse the meaning
and when it gets too dark to see, it’s blinding but beautiful
and there’s a little love in everything

i’ll be with you when the bridges are burning
the buildings are shaking
and we are creating what would be our love

i’ll stay with you when the time is coming
the streets are folding
and the people wonder why we smile, and where our smiles belong

Two weeks down. This project has already gone further along than I thought. This song was going to be a silly country song (I only had the first two lines down for the longest time), but it got serious. Never know where a song is going to end up. I tried guitar, banjo, harmonica, harmonium, keyboard piano (casio, specifically), but in the end I really only liked the banjo.

she says she’ll take me home
but she knows i haven’t been drinking
she says there’s nothing wrong
but so much happens in the time you spend blinking
and there’s just one light that’s on tonight
and i let it shine, but i pull the shades closed tight
there’s just one light that’s on tonight

she says “i’ve never been here before
it’s the wrong side of town and these bands all sound the same”
she says “there’s nothing wrong
or at least no one left you can find to blame”
and she’s the only light that shines tonight
and she may try to put it out, but she’s burning bright
she’s the only light that shines tonight

she says she hates the desert rain
but it looks just like she must feel this evening
she says there’s nothing wrong
that won’t be allright when i start leaving
there’s just one light that’s on tonight
and it may lead me home, or get me in a fight
there’s just one light that’s on tonight

Also, Las Vegas Weekly did a web article on 52 of 28, really neat! They are so good to me.

One busy bee: Local musician embarks on a new mission

Just uploaded the first song for 52 of 28. Worked on it most of the day, and I’d be lying if i said it wasn’t frustrating. But by the end i was feeling pretty good.

<a href="">if i left the stove on (52-1) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

trying not to be too paranoid these days
but that’s harder than it seems
it’s nothing anyone says
it’s nothing anyone does
just the way i see things
and i could stay up all night
and listen to records
and i might not feel any worse
and i might not feel better
don’t know why these words come out
don’t know why some don’t

trying not to wonder if i left the stove on
or if i locked the door
what will i say to the people i meet
will i turn off the lights ‘fore i go to sleep
and did i lock the door
and i could stay up all night
but it would still slip away
the sun may not shine
but it’s still another day
maybe that’s what keeps me going
maybe that’s what keeps me going

So I decided I need to do something more with music, and I want it to be an ongoing project, something that will keep me thinking creatively. I’ve considered the rock-opera / folk-opera, but I’m just not sure I can pull that off. (I did write one in high school, but we won’t talk about that.) I’ve wanted to write more, though, and what better way to start my 28th year than with a song project?

Butch Hancock had his tape-of-the-month, Paleo had The Song Diary, so why not? It’s fairly reasonable to assume someone (in this case, me) could write and record one song a week. Of course, four a month and fifty-two a year sounds a bit more intimidating. But one week at a time.

The first song is written and will be recorded and available by saturday. Then I’ll be down to fifty-one! Unless I decide to keep the project going, but don’t get your hopes up.

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