Zach and Amanda

Indie folk/electro folk duo rushmore beekeepers cover all the pivotal themes in life: love, loss, adventure, and occasionally the apocalypse.

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We’re playing a rare full band/two member show at the Tiny Porch Festival Saturday, September 21 with some fantastic Tulsa bands. Amanda is traveling across the wild and prickly Southwest to perform and who knows how often we’ll do this? We don’t and we’re in the band!

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Tiny Porch Festival: a free event in the Owen Park neighborhood. September 21, 2019. Bands: Nightingale, Grazzhopper, The Lonelys, DJ Spanky, Rushmore Beekeepers, Bringer, Rachel Lavonne, Beach Friends, Jacob Hunter, Dayden Shea, Damien Hartzell, Stephanie Oliver, Hot Toast Music Co., Henry Zoellner. Vendors: Cabin Boys Brewery, Killer Wail BBQ, Pearl Beach Brew Pub.
Love Morris - Fictitious Valentine (revisited) cover

love morris just released a new take on one of her old songs, just in time for everyone’s favorite/least favorite romantic holiday! Listen, stream, buy it here:

love morris christmas songs

love morris has a new Christmas album and it’s pretty fantastic. I’m probably biased because she is also in rbk, but either way I’m right. How did she record two albums in four-ish months? Who knows!

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