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what lives and what grows

We created these 10 songs about the search for purpose in the midst of uncertainty after wrapping up song every seven. It’s about struggling with imposter syndrome, finding hope in the face of global turmoil, the evolution of language, love, and the truth that comes from fiction.

Listen to what lives and what grows.
what lives and what grows
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Whitty Books
2306 E Admiral Blvd MAP
Tulsa, OK
All Ages
Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 7:00pm More details TBA
Amanda and Zach
Indie folk/electro folk duo rushmore beekeepers (Zach Fountain and Amanda Hawkins) layer guitar, mandolin, and other folk instruments with keyboards and electro beats while covering all the pivotal themes in life: love, adventure, impermanence, and occasionally the apocalypse.