Keep planning on writing a blog post that’s separate from 52 of 28. But I think about it and hey! it’s time for another song. Well, someday I will surprise myself, and everyone else.

Creating for a living; how amazing must that be? It’d be so nice to write and record music all day. Well, after sleeping in, then watching cartoons and drinking coffee. Maybe not sleeping in; maybe getting up early, but just to make pancakes or waffles.

<a href="">what a way to make a living (52-12) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

wish i could just sing a song
and have a roof over my head
put a roof over our heads
wish that you could sing along
and hear everything i said
you’d hear everything i said

wish i could just tap my toes
and we’d have a place to sleep
any place to sleep
wish that you could bang your drum
and we’d have everything we need
we’d have everything we need

what a way to make a living

wish i could just play my song
and have a roof over my head
put a roof over our heads
wish that you could sing along
and say everything i said
you’d say everything i said

i’d like to like what i do all day
feel like nothing has to change
feel like nothing should change
i’d like to love what i do all day
and words i’d rearrange
these words i’d rearrange

Oh, New Mexico. Went home for my brother’s wedding, which was absolutely fantastic. That’s why this is late. (Not that I’m blaming him or his lovely wife.) It’s kinda short, but the week was up and this was all I had. I’m also recovering from a virus that’s still making its way through my family. Everyone, feel sorry for me. We really did see a huge pile of trash on our way in.

<a href="">the place where i grew up (52-11) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

oh new mexico, it’s good to be back home again
we saw a lot of trash, raced a couple trains coming in
oh new mexico, it’s good to be back home again
i missed these mountains and these places
i haven’t been in awhile

and my hometown may be growing
but it never really changes much
and this will always be
the place where i grew up
and the place i fell in love

I think Dakota (our lab mix) must have been feeling left out, because as I was recording this she started barking really loud in the backyard. You can hear her, faintly, after “fade with the embers”. It’s pretty much in rhythm, too. So I’m pleased to announce Dakota’s show business debut on barking vocals.

Whew. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

<a href="">just passing by (52-10) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

feels like these days are just passing me by
i try to drag them out, but they keep on going
oh i would write a letter, but i lost the address
the universe has no regard for our troubles or our happiness

seems like these people are just passing by
i try to stop and smile, but i just can’t do it
i wonder if they don’t see me, or if they exist
something about contact, i need to resist

i’m driving home, trying hard to focus on the road
the sun is shining behind the hills, i know it’s bound to explode

feels like these fears are just passing by
it’s too early to tell, but i may be allright
ink will fill these pages from dreams i don’t remember
thoughts will sneak so quietly, and fade with the embers

Inspired by one of Carrie’s tweets (about growing flowers) and the wind knocking over our yet-to-be-planted trees; the vicinity to Earth Day, however, is purely coincidental besides the aforementioned tweet. I added an electric lead guitar part, but it proved too Tex-Mex for this song. Perhaps it will show up later somewhere.

<a href="">upright to the wind (52-9) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

i will dig this hole and someday maybe plant a tree
the dogs will try to get the birds and there’ll be
plenty of shade for you and me

i will try to help this tree stand till it can stand on its own
its branches will move and its leaves will shake
but it won’t fall no matter how hard the wind is blowin’

and the sun will rise on the other side of today
and the sun will set on this side of tomorrow
and the moon will glow with just enough light for you
and the stars will draw their heroes and monsters

you could dig this hole and someday maybe plant a tree
their branches may meet in the middle and there’ll be
plenty of room for a blanket and you and me

and your dreams will carry you through the storm
and your dreams will wake you before the morning
and your toes will hold you upright to the wind
and your fingers will draw the only map you’ll need

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