your hurt knees

Featuring a certain fabulous Carrie on vocals! Must admit I cheated a little on this one; wrote it two days after last week’s song. I can break my own rules, right? Fastest recording session I’ve had in a long time, and one of the most enjoyable! Carrie and I did the backing vocals in one take; I couldn’t get her to sing alone, so you get two of me. Sorry. Also, I have been playing slide banjo since approximately two minutes before that part was recorded.

<a href="">your hurt knees (52-4) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

woke this morning, lost an hour, you were calling me
you’d fallen down in some rocks
you were ok, but you wanted to share the story
and see how i was

and i wish you weren’t so far away from me right now
and i wish we could do whatever we wanted to
and i wish i was there to kiss your hurt knees

maybe you shouldn’t try to race your sister down the street
or maybe you could practice somewhere softer
we could run ’round in the grass, there’d be obstacles
kids and pets and picnics

and i wish we were at the park right now
even though it’s dark, we could still have fun
and i would be there to kiss your hurt knees

went all ’round the house this morning turning the clocks forward
i’m sure i missed one
maybe it’s like it’s one less hour we’ll be apart
or maybe i’m just sentimental

and i wish you weren’t so far away from me right now
and i wish we could do whatever we wanted to
and i wish i could be there to kiss your hurt knees


  • Cutest song ever, I love it. Nice to hear Carrie singing along!

  • Great song! I love the slide banjo and slide whistle. Can’t believe you convinced me to sing on it.

    To anyone that is wondering, TRUE STORY, but my knees are so much better now thanks to lots of kisses when I got home.

  • Wow, that is cute:) Like the slide and especially Carrie’s voice! You should definitely do more duets! When was the last time a great husband/wife team came along? How about now!! Love you guys:)

  • Cool song, wouldn’t sound out of place on the Juno soundtrack.

    • Thank you! As much as I loved that movie, it was so upsetting watching it and thinking the whole time that my music would’ve been a great fit on the soundtrack. Perhaps next time.


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