wind chimes

Brian Wilson would love these crazy big wind chimes, even if they are much larger than the chimes he sang about on Smiley Smile (and Smile). They are still mellow and soothing (as long as you don’t stand directly underneath them), and with a good breeze you can feel the good vibrations emanate from the humungous tubes.

Krause Springs is a refreshing swimming and camping area west of Austin in Hill Country, Spicewood, TX, and the wind chimes are in the Butterfly Gardens. Definitely worth the trip. There were butterflies, although they were considerably smaller than the chimes.

I probably should’ve brought my guitar and field recorder to record a folk song. Maybe next time.

rushmore beekeepers doesn't play the wind chimes - yet

Excitement or fear of being crushed?

Not quite wind chimes, but glockenspiel is close enough, right?


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