who knows

Fifty-two. I’d been thinking about how I wanted to finish this project, even if a grande finale wasn’t necessarily part of the plan. This song started with the idea that I would try to use every instrument from throughout the project (which technically didn’t work, since I never talked to Amanda and Sam about playing on this song, and we did record “the name of every building (52-33)” together). I did add a little lap steel guitar and feedback, which I know doesn’t make up for it. But it has been a long time since I tuned my lap steel. And I really want to grow vegetables. And Carrie was pretty excited to sing on this one.

Thanks for following along.

who knows where we’ll end up
if we’ll end up where we think
who knows where we’ll end up
if we’ll end up on the road between
here and there

looked for the eclipsed moon
the clouds covered the sky
so dark they looked like smoke
with no sign of glowing fire i could see
i couldn’t see

dreamt the end of the world
had come and gone, and come again
dreamt we lived out on a farm
and we had to grow our own vegetables
sing our own music and write brand new stories
and make our own clothes from what we had
we built a fire every night
to let the world know we were alive
we were alive, we were alive


  • dame base-be! YOU DID IT! I’m so excited you saw this project all the way through to the end without giving up. What a spectacular grand finale! Better than any 4th of July.

  • Great song bro! That’s = 1 hoot + 1 holler +1 hodown and a half! Congratulations on a project well done!

    Looking forward to 365of29 now.

  • Also growing vegetables is very satisfying. Can’t wait till we don’t have to take our measly pots inside at night!

    • Thanks so much for keeping up with it and being so encouraging!

      Art, I’ll think about 365of29. How about 12of29? I still have a few days to decide, right? haha

  • Hey, that recording sounds very nice. What’s the bass?

    • Thanks so much, guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

      Sam, thank you. It’s no Greene Means Go! haha. I plugged my bass straight in and put on a built-in bass compression. My mini amp has a neat sound, but straight in seems to work better.

      Dad, glad you appreciated those elements. I’m so happy Carrie sang with me. I’m going to try to get her into the studio more.

  • Being the sitar and bagpipe fan that I am the harmonica drone caught me from the get-go…then the garage door opens and all the other stuff comes out and runs me over–
    Wow! I love Carrie’s vocal too! disappointed the year is up…congratulations on following through on a daunting project! Looking forward to the compilation disc:) Also- glad to hear your dream concludes in Spring!
    Love and pride,

  • Great grande finale! So proud that you took on and completed this big project. So now I’ll sing you an early song (since we know I sound better this way). Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dearrr Zacchh. Happy Birthday to You! And Many More! Love you!


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