where our smiles belong

Doing something I often do, wondering about the end of the world, while trying something I don’t often do, using my deep voice. I had two versions I went back and forth between, the only real difference being the vocals. Finally decided that since it’s already a different kind of song for me, might as well go all the way.

i’ll wait for you where the leaves are falling
the dogs are barking
and the band is playing what could be our song

i’ll stay with you where the clouds are drifting
and the trains are rolling
and the people walk by like they do in cities in movies

and when the sunlight comes across, it’s blinding but beautiful
and these words confuse the meaning
and when it gets too dark to see, it’s blinding but beautiful
and there’s a little love in everything

i’ll be with you when the bridges are burning
the buildings are shaking
and we are creating what would be our love

i’ll stay with you when the time is coming
the streets are folding
and the people wonder why we smile, and where our smiles belong


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