when it rains

It may be that I write too many songs about the weather. But they can’t all be love songs, and rain is an uncommon thing here. (Well, I guess they could all be love songs; there’s no rule.) I sat down and finished this in one take; you can probably tell, but it’s nice when that happens.

Also, I realized there are only ten more songs left in this project. It doesn’t feel like I’ve written that many; I keep expecting to find out I accidentally skipped ahead twenty or thirty songs.

every time it gets just a little bit cloudy
i wish for it to rain
long enough to make up for the sun
drying up everything

every time i feel just a little bit of sadness
i wish for it to go
send it miles away, get it out of my mind
and keep it out of my bones

we all have our interests, we all hold our thoughts
to be self-evident
and as the time goes by, and the years
we remember these things and decide what they meant

every time it rains it feels like things have changed just a little bit


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