when i get home

This song probably sounds sadder than I intended. But I guess I’ve been thinking about how my first tour will affect me; being away from home and on the road for almost a month, going back to work afterward, seeing new / rarely seen things, like fall and the midwest. (I must admit, I’m afraid that someone attending my recently booked Lincoln, NE show will listen to “What It’s Like To Be Sad” and be offended. But I’m sure they’ll get the joke.) It’s exciting, though, the chance to share my music with people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been.

<a href="http://rushmorebeekeepers.bandcamp.com/track/when-i-get-home-52-30">when i get home (52-30) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

it’s kinda sad to be leaving
but it will be nice to be gone
for a little while
it’s kinda different to be the one
who is going somewhere new
for a little while

the harvest moon was full and bright
but not quite as it could’ve been
from somewhere else
the air it feels oh so much cleaner
this time of year, but i know
it’s psychological

and what will change when i’m gone
and what will i do when i get home
will everything be the same
can i finally be the one who’s changed

it’s kinda nice to believe
and to be believed in
it’s something real
it’s kinda nice to be leaving
and going somewhere new
for a little while


  • Sweet little tune, Zach. I’m glad you’re getting to go on an adventure! Yip Yip Hooreey!!!
    You’ve earned it, young man! You’ve had your sleeves rolled up for a long time! I love the sentiment, and the tune! Good Job! Love, Dad

  • I think rushmore beekepers is a cool guy. Eh plays music and doesn’t afraid of anything.


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