upright to the wind

Inspired by one of Carrie’s tweets (about growing flowers) and the wind knocking over our yet-to-be-planted trees; the vicinity to Earth Day, however, is purely coincidental besides the aforementioned tweet. I added an electric lead guitar part, but it proved too Tex-Mex for this song. Perhaps it will show up later somewhere.

<a href="http://rushmorebeekeepers.bandcamp.com/track/upright-to-the-wind-52-9">upright to the wind (52-9) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

i will dig this hole and someday maybe plant a tree
the dogs will try to get the birds and there’ll be
plenty of shade for you and me

i will try to help this tree stand till it can stand on its own
its branches will move and its leaves will shake
but it won’t fall no matter how hard the wind is blowin’

and the sun will rise on the other side of today
and the sun will set on this side of tomorrow
and the moon will glow with just enough light for you
and the stars will draw their heroes and monsters

you could dig this hole and someday maybe plant a tree
their branches may meet in the middle and there’ll be
plenty of room for a blanket and you and me

and your dreams will carry you through the storm
and your dreams will wake you before the morning
and your toes will hold you upright to the wind
and your fingers will draw the only map you’ll need


  • Too Tex-Mex? Is there such a thing? (From the man who lives on tacos)

    • I think we’ll probably see that guitar part at some point. Carrie keeps telling me to do another song with it. All in good time. (Which means I’ll most likely just be lazy and forget about it.) And tacos are really all anyone needs to survive.

  • Hey, I couldn’t find the button to push for this one:( Wish there were a ten year old around (besides Sean) to give me a hand!! I’ll try again later….

  • Found the button the second time! The lyrics creep up on me on this one, like the harmoniom or whatever your using after the chorus. Planting a tree is a momentous occasion. They may keep growing long after the planter is gone, and the job should be taken seriously. this song gives the act a very good treatment! Lol Dad

  • I have a feeling that Amanda and Carrie could do a harmony behind you on the chorus, to good effect! Heard it in my head tonight as I listened. Cant wait to see the tree….:)

  • Hey kids, did you plant the trees yet? Don’t wait too many seasons!
    Love, Dad


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