trace the constellations

I tried recording a band-sounding version of this, but it didn’t work out. Might give it another shot later. We’ll see. Really should practice my drums every once in awhile so I’m ready for such an occasion. Also, I was very sleepy last night, so I recorded it this afternoon.

Earlier in the week I recorded two songs with my other band, Scrap Iron Saints. It’s always more challenging to record other people; I feel more of an obligation to make sure the sound is just right. We’re also working on a “cover” of “nowhere left to go (52-5),” which I wrote with that project in mind. It’s a lot of fun playing in a band, and doing something different. I would definitely like to spend more time on music, and this is a good way to do it.

<a href="">trace the constellations (52-19) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

people seem worried when it looks like it might rain
but they’re not from the desert, they don’t know how great it is
you can’t see the stars shine like diamonds in the sky
and i don’t like diamonds, like to trace the constellations

and i think the other night i saw you and me
the stars faded in the bright lights and left me wondering

planes go their separate ways and drag the night across the sky
their little lights let us know that they’re not ufos
never see the wings, just keep the faith that they’re allright
and i wave a little wave to let them know we’re still here

and i think the other night i saw you and me
we were waving, heading east, and it left me wondering

people seem nervous, guess i can’t really blame them
but when there’s nothing you can do, it’s no use to worry
when you can’t see the stars shine way up in the sky
take a little drive until they’re the only lights you can see

and i’m pretty sure the other night i saw you and me
the stars shined through the bright lights, it was all we could see

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