thoughts on monuments

Carrie and I just got back from a fantastic journey that took us all the way from Rhode Island to North Carolina. Planes, trains, and automobiles, in that order. We saw my brother, his fiancee, and our awesome nephew, as well as a great old friend of mine. We had dinner in a house that is over 200 years old; our food was all from the farm, except for the carrots, and it was all very good. We road the Amtrak which, in addition to seeing many monuments and statues, partly inspired this song. We stayed in a hotel including gardens that, according to local lore, inspired the enchanted garden in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “To Helen”.

We went to Troika, a music festival in Durham, NC, and saw some amazing bands; Chatham County Line (old timey bluegrass with a modern songwriting style) and Futurebirds (psychedelic alt-country) were the highlights, although the others were great as well.

Also, Carrie sent me a link to a listing of Nevada state government salaries and I could not believe it. I try not to be political, but I suppose sometimes it just comes out, and when your song is late there’s not much you can do. (I don’t believe everyone who works for the government is overpaid and lazy. I know a couple hard workers.)

Tour blog is coming, I promise!

i was waiting for you as the train came rolling by
and people were strolling by, like they had nothing else to do
i was waiting for you, the express train was screaming by
and people might scream and cry, but they still have to work for their food

should we have to say we’re sorry or write apologies in our rhetoric
should we say winners lose and losers win and let that be the end of it

i’ve been traveling lately, wondering where i’d like to be
somewhere that’s really green, and the seasons come and go in fours
i’ve been traveling lately, looking for something new to see
a home for you and me, a place we can call ours

should i get a government job and live out my days overpaid and lazy
would you say we all get what we’re worth and laissez faire is crazy

i would write you, mr. or mrs. senator, but that would justify your intentions and false virtue
i’ll pay your salary till you’re in your grave and even then i’ll buy your magnificent statue

oh these trains tracks were built to go straight to your house, into your pocket
and it’s nice to ride the rails but i shouldn’t have to pay so much for it, twice


  • I like how you insinuate (perhaps correctly) that Kristen and Tosh are not as awesome as Joshua! heh. maybe I’m just an a whole….

    • Hmm. Very interesting observation. I guess there probably isn’t a mathematically correct way for him to be equally as awesome as each of them individually; he would have to be greater than or less than.

  • Very profound song. Yes, you do have one awesome nephew!
    Ha Ha…be careful… your father-in-law isn’t lazy!! LJ


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