this song won't sing itself

This song, I decided, would be one take. Sometimes I just get that feeling about a song, and even if there are mistakes or weird parts (like me kinda forgetting words) I just think that’s the way it should be. I wrote the main guitar line with a lot of folk music in mind, and didn’t really solidify it. That way when I mess up, it’s improvising instead of messing up. Avant-garde, you know. I have big plans for the final song of the album, so stay tuned.

this car won’t drive itself
and i need you close to me
if you want to keep me company,
i’ll clear off the passenger seat
and we have all the time we need
to see everything we want to see

we can just be ourselves
there’s no one here but you and me
we can keep each other company
sometimes we’re all we need
we don’t have to do anything
and it’s everything, it’s everything

this song won’t sing itself
i need you to be with me
if you want, you can sing soft
so softly, so softly
and we’ll try, we’ll try,
but we don’t really have to try hard


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