things that refuse to change

As a general rule, I try to stay away from social / political commentary in music. Although I like folk music, the stuff I really enjoy is old enough that it’s all about love, murder, betrayal, birds, the pines, and other things that don’t have much to do with labor unions and political causes and such (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now, I’m not sure what to say about this song, except that it’s not about anything in particular. I know, how punk rock and original of me. I should add that, if I were more responsible, I would have recorded this earlier in the week so Sam could add some neat stuff to it.

<a href="">things that refuse to change (52-8) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

don’t try to say we’ve been through this all before
nothing really changes except for the things
that refuse to change
and i will be standing, so i can see everything
and maybe believing, believing everything i see

we can hold our hands out waiting for someone to help
or take this knowledge and take care of ourselves
i will be looking, so i’m sure not to miss a thing
maybe believing some of the things they tell me

all of these faces, they look the same to me
suits, ties, or dresses, the script might change
but not the meaning
and i will be watching, and listening to everything
and maybe believing some of the things that i see


  • Wow..I really like this one, has a great beat. Are you sure it isn’t political? lj

  • Well, maybe a little. But I’d never tell. Haha.

  • Yes, get some Sam stuff on this one too! I can almost hear him trying to get in the back door with some drums and guitar and ??? who knows what else he would bring along? It’s political without being overdone about it. It would fit any of the upcoming elections. I like it alot Zach!


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