their secret weapons

Wasn’t sure how I was going to get this week’s song in time; I just didn’t have any songs going on in my head, and I haven’t really been inspired. But Carrie gave me a pep talk / speech that would’ve made General Patton and Julius Caesar proud, so I shut myself in the music room and wrote this. I’m sure there are pieces from the many movies we watched this weekend; the first line definitely from Paper Heart, and the verse about the car probably from Legion. (I’d recommend Paper Heart over Legion, if you’re wondering.)

<a href="">their secret weapons (52-13) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

they might chase us down an alley
they might use the heartbreak machine
they might tie us to a railroad bridge
but their secret weapons are no match for us

they might throw us in a river
but they don’t know that you can swim
you would help me stay afloat
and they would never see us
they would never see us

they might run us off the road
but they don’t know how i can drive
the car wouldn’t even roll
and they’d look for us
they’d only see our dust


  • From no song to an inspired idea about Secret Weapons, great job Zach! lj

  • so can I take credit for this one? it’s really hard to pick a favorite (and we’re only on 14!) but this one definitely tops my list. cutest lyrics ever!

  • That must have been some pep talk! Can i get one of those some day? Yeah, great lyrics and original! Polish this one up for a cd, Zach! Def a keeper!!!


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