the road through the headlights

My goal this week is to have my song recorded and posted in time. I wrote the music for this the night before we left for Carrie’s birthday celebration in Parker and finished the words after we returned. We drove through this really neat (and maybe kinda scary) lightning storm.

<a href="">the road through the headlights (52-26) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

we drove through the lighting storm on an old two-lane highway
it was quite a thing to see, and maybe kinda scary
but i know we’ll be alright because we can still see
the road through the headlights

and the water won’t rise, though i’m sure it does sometimes

we drove through a desert snow, in the town where we had lived
it had been some time since we’d seen anything like it
but the ice it melts beneath our tires
and the bigger cars they cut our path

and the snow won’t stay long, though i’m sure it does sometimes

when we held our hands out it was too dark to see
but i knew you were there, and i knew you would find me
and the lights they flicker sometimes, light up the sky
and everything around it


  • This is one of those middle-of-the-night-haunt-you songs, in my opinion. I like it! I think there are more verses out there waiting to come in; I’d like to hear the extended version on a cd someday:) Good going!!!

  • Sometimes you gotta be scared- maybe for no good reason except your heart takes you there so you’ll remember what it’s like. God bless the people who live there…


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