the eclipsed moon

First day playing the ukulele, first and only song I can play on said instrument. (Well, at this point it’s day two.) I wanted to add castanets, which I acquired at the same time as the ukulele, but I haven’t mastered them yet. Can’t really play them at all, to be honest. But I haven’t really tried. The timing of this song and the release of Eclipse is merely coincidental. Please don’t compare me to that one guy who plays ukulele, or that other guy who sounds like him. (Tiny Tim would be ok, just not the other guy or the other guy. Though Tiny Tim comparisons would be slightly baffling. He is great, though.)

<a href="">the eclipsed moon (52-18) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

darling won’t you be my dream that becomes truth
i slept right through the eclipsed moon
because i was dreaming of you

i was snoring in my bed, i was drooling on my pillow
i dreamed that i woke up and wrote you a love note
i didn’t have paper so i carved it in a tree
but it was home to a spotted owl and the government fined me

we were at the movies, i don’t know what it was
but it must’ve been my favorite, i’m sure it was my favorite
it will be my favorite as soon as i remember it

we were going to the beach, driving in a car
we’d seen at a stop sign, it was blue and classic with fancy taillights
i should know the name, as a man i should know the name
but i don’t understand cars or sports or anything tough
though i like to think i’m tough

i was snoring in my bed, i was drooling on my pillow
and i dreamed that i woke up and you were there
and you were there


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