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Performing in a comic book store was never on my list of must-do life goals (I don’t really have one of those), but it’s not like I haven’t fantasized about it, and when my friend Michelle asked me to perform at the first Alternate Reality Comics Artist Spotlight opening reception, there was no hiding the excitement. So I played, and we all had a great time.

Local poet Harry Fagel performed as well, spoken word full of sometimes serious and sometimes hilarious observations, with much of the material coming from his experience as a police officer. His delivery (and his work) is strong and honest, and he is also a great guy.

The art display itself was fantastic, featuring the works of locals Keri Schroeder and Gilbert Hernandez. The awesome dedication of Alternate Reality Comics to devote a section of their store to an art display is inspiring and encouraging in a city where art fights hard to be seen. If you live here or visit, you should go there and be amazed. The store has anything you could ever want (if not, they always have great recommendations in any genre), and you will always be treated like a friend. Oh, and did I mention Ralph proposed to his wife Kate in the comic book Preacher? How cool is that!

Oh, I almost forgot; you can watch my performance and pretend you were there, thanks to Punks in Vegas:

If you are making a digital scrapbook of everything RB, their blog entry is right here.

Shortly after I finished my set, I went to thank Ralph and he grabbed Daytripper off the shelf and said “I want to give this to you, I think you’ll really like it,” in his super nice voice and demeanor that is guaranteed to make you want to give him a big hug and bawl like a little baby at the genuine unconditional kindness that somehow exists in the world. He was right about Daytripper; it is thoughtful and beautiful, and you should read it.

rushmore beekeepers is going on tour in October! I apologize to those of you I have neglected to tell in person. You should know this is a very exciting and scary thing for me.

Confirmed shows are (so far):
October 7 – Kansas City at The Brick
October 8 – St. Louis at Foam
October 12 – Tulsa at The Coffee House On Cherry Street
October 13 – Dallas at Opening Bell
October 14 – Austin at Kick Butt Coffee (Triangle)

I’ll post more info soon. If you know of any great folk-friendly places in/near: Flagstaff, Denver, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Memphis and Little Rock, let me know. (Coffeeshops and houses work just fine.)

Dear Everybody,

I played my first Las Vegas show one year ago today! A house show with A Crowd of Small Adventures, Sundance Kids, and Cataldo. It was so much fun, and I met many amazingly wonderful and friendly people there. I think I knocked over someone’s drink, but I remember her being very nice about it.

So happy anniversary rushmore beekeepers and the Las Vegas music scene!

Much Love,

P.S – Just want everybody to know I’m not a nerd, I just remembered, and only because I found the set list. I keep all my set lists. Okay, I’m a nerd.

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