squirrels everywhere!

rushmore beekeepers vs. the squirrel king

This squirrel stared me down, daring me to try to take his stick.

There are so many squirrels here in Austin, and from what I can tell many of them travel solo. It amazes me that they can run across the street, avoiding cars and neighborhood cats with amazing speed and comical gestures. I know they don’t always make it, but I have yet to see the tragic aftermath of a squirrel mission gone wrong.

I posted the photo above about a month ago on the rushmore beekeepers Instagram, but every time I come across this it cracks me up. Despite the poor quality (I took it through a window, zoomed in on my phone’s camera), I feel like this guy (or gal) deserves a place in rb history and maybe even a song, eventually.

On our house-hunting trip to Austin in March Carrie and I went to the Capitol and witnessed either a courting ritual or a wild chase. We never found out which one it was. Let’s go with courting ritual.

Squirrel chase!

Squirrel love. I hope.

A few years back as part of 52 of 28, I wrote a children’s song, “one two three,” about the animals I’d see in Henderson, NV. Never squirrels; mostly just coyotes, quail, and rabbits.

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