sing anything

This song was almost called “say anything,” with the last line of the chorus being “you can say anything,” but I decided to change the one word to avoid association with the motion picture (which I liked), and because it makes more sense. That’s probably the most editing I’ve done in a song in a long time.

i’ll press down my fingers till i hit the right notes
i’ll push these keys until it all sounds the way i feel
there’s a name for everything, a word for every space

and i want you to sing this with me
you don’t have to know the words
you can sing anything

i might not hit the tambourine in time
i’m not quite sure if this guitar’s in tune
but i guess we define everything by everything else

and if you want you can sing this with me
i didn’t really write the words
you can sing anything

i can put these noises all together
or let them each live separately
there’s a home for everything, a spot for every space


  • Fail the editing don’t seem worse; fails to sound less empty none. Don’t give down the bad play none!

    Also, muahahahahaha.

  • Sounds like you’re rushing these last one’s (re: Jan 24) out a bit, son. I like the voice range contrast- bari on the verse and upper range on the chorus.


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