sharks in the swimming pool

Yes, I really used to be afraid there were sharks in the swimming pool. And everywhere else. Perhaps I watched the Jaws movies much too early in life. There are more realistic and scary things out there, but maybe it’s better to have irrational fears about unlikely circumstances.

<a href="">sharks in the swimming pool (52-22) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

i never worry about deep sea monsters
though i used to be afraid of sharks in the swimming pool
if i’m ever lost at sea, i’d never make it down that far
but any big shadow sends me off in a panic

there’s nothing quite like irrational fear
to help you through an otherwise normal day

i never worry about airplanes crashing
though i do worry about them landing on my car
if that ever happens, i’d never remember my reaction plan
these planes fly so low and send me off in a panic

i never worry about the great apocalypse
but i do try to make a plan for afterward
if that ever happens i’ll try to keep my guitar
or something to keep me from going off in panic


  • I worry about airplanes crashing into my car! And I know it would make me a panic attack! Cute song. lj

  • yeah mom! especially when I’m driving on sunset or eastern near the vegas air port. yikes!

  • Comforting empathy for those of us in whom fear resides rent-free:) Sharks, airplanes, apocali… they keep us on our toes, no? Whistle softly while you go past this one….Love, Dad


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