second to last, the name of every building

Isn’t this exciting? I’m finally almost caught up with 52 of 28! I wrote “second to last” just goofing around before playing my last song at The Tin Angel (“just passing by,” if you were curious). I kinda kept it in my head, and it was the only real attempt I’d made at writing that week. It was amazing to be traveling and seeing all of these new places, so I was admittedly distracted.

I sat down and wrote “the name of every building” immediately after checking into my hotel room in Austin, TX. Austin was such an inspiring place to me; I would’ve liked to write more, but I was so tired. After my show at Kick Butt Coffee, I’d sat out front and played guitar with a great songwriter and nice guy named Denver from The Organic Think Machines. I still hope to blog about the fantastic tour, so I probably shouldn’t write too much about it now.

You may also notice a different sound to “the name of every building”. I have yet to make good on my promise to send Sam Greene a song to finish, so while I was in Mesa, AZ, we recorded it at his studio, Greene Means Go. I played guitar and sang, Amanda Hawkins played bass and sang, and Sam did everything else. I try to get Amanda to sing with me every chance I get, because I absolutely love her voice. Sam’s arrangements are always always unique, inventive, and fitting. (We recorded this song at his studio also.) This one reminds me a bit of “public domain birthday song” with the big party at the end, although Sam hadn’t heard that one yet. I must give off that big-party-at-the-end-of-the-song vibe.

i don’t mind being alone right now
it gives me time to think about what i might say
or what i should say, what i will say

i don’t mind uncertainty right now
there are so many choices and they are all ours
they are ours, they are ours

and i could walk this street again
but with you, so many times
until we know every crack, and the name of every building


  • I like them both! that last song leaves me wanting more- it’s too short for how cute it is! ha.

  • Happy to hear you are back in Vegas and writing more songs for us! Keep them coming….LJ

  • I like the new songs. I also wrote a handy script to rename new files using the old structure. i are 10053r

    num=`ls -l rushmore*|wc -l`

    if [ $num -gt 0 ]
    for oldname in rushmore*
    basename=`echo $oldname|awk ‘{ $1=$2=$3=””; print $0 }’`

    filenum=`echo $oldname|awk ‘{ print $NF }’|awk ‘BEGIN {FS=”-“}; {-F”-“; print substr($2,1,2) }’`

    newname=$filenum” “$basename

    mv “${oldname}” “${newname// / }”
    echo “No files to rename. :]”

    I take no responsibility for any harm (crashing planes, genital mutilation, etc) caused by my script. Use at your own risk and enjoy 😀

  • The sound you got on harmonica evokes accordian!Nice instrumental, Zach!


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