Dear Everybody,

I played my first Las Vegas show one year ago today! A house show with A Crowd of Small Adventures, Sundance Kids, and Cataldo. It was so much fun, and I met many amazingly wonderful and friendly people there. I think I knocked over someone’s drink, but I remember her being very nice about it.

So happy anniversary rushmore beekeepers and the Las Vegas music scene!

Much Love,

P.S – Just want everybody to know I’m not a nerd, I just remembered, and only because I found the set list. I keep all my set lists. Okay, I’m a nerd.

How exciting! From

Best Local Band Name: Rushmore Beekeepers.

We don’t envy readers being asked to pick one favorite local band; for us, that’d be like picking between children. But we can definitively pick our favorite local band name: Rushmore Beekeepers. Not catching the reference? Apparently you haven’t seen Wes Anderson-directed film Rushmore as many times as Vegas folkster Zach Fountain. No word on whether Fountain and his crew of pals/sometime bandmates do The Creation’s “Makin’ Time” in concert. ( (Spencer Patterson).

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