outsmart the undead

Carrie and I just watched Quarantine, which is an interesting take on the zombie and found footage genres. It got us both thinking that the common sense thing to do in a similar situation would be to look for weapons, or at least some object that could be used as one. Even if it’s a world where zombie movies don’t exist, anyone would look for a big stick once the rabid attacking and biting starts. People in movies (with some exceptions) don’t seem to think about that, but I believe most real people would. I include a short list of people who would be likely to survive a zombie situation and why they would. Needless to say, you are all strong and smart people and would be just fine.

<a href="http://rushmorebeekeepers.bandcamp.com/track/outsmart-the-undead-52-15">outsmart the undead (52-15) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

in the event of an outbreak of the undead
the first thing i’d do is find a weapon
i’m not eager to smash anyone’s head
but you have to be prepared

to do some things you don’t want to do
like ride a bike or steal some shoes
you’ll be a hero if you survive
if not, just hope you’re not eaten alive

if i had a camera i would keep rolling
but i’d be sure to watch all sides
it’d be nice to document for future generations
but you shouldn’t waste your energy

on getting the right shot instead of the head shot
on loading the film instead of the gun
you’ll be a hero if you survive
if not, just hope you’re not eaten alive

and i would hope none of my family would become zombies
and i know my friends would outsmart the undead
and simon pegg wouldn’t get bitten
and jason bateman would be too tough for them
and nick frost would break their heads
and bob dylan would shoot ’em all down
it’s not the time for peace, it’s time to survive
and if not, just hope you’re not eaten alive


  • Ha Ha..Hooray for Bob Dylan! I think I need to do some research! First to see if my 22 handgun that shoots long rifle shells will work on a zombie or if I must find some stakes or wood bullets! Then I must find out who Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are. Thank goodness I have the internet! lj

  • Thank you! Good plan, Joan, I think what you have will work just fine. Hope your research was enlightening.


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