no alarms

I don’t sleep late very often, although I guess I do daydream about it. Even if I’m in bed till nine I feel like a bum.

It was interesting to write “our phones ring” instead of “our phone rings.” I haven’t had a house phone for nine or ten years, but it’s still a strange concept to only have mobile phones. Probably all those AT&T ads I saw when I was little.

let’s not set our alarms
and we will get all the sleep we need
we won’t get in trouble, we’ll be so rested, so refreshed
we will cheer up everyone we see

even if our phones ring, or we can hear the
knock knock knocking
we will be dreaming, warm beneath our blanket
they’ll just have to call again or come back later

let’s keep our shades drawn
and we will let the sun in later
it will be okay without us, and we’ll be so rested, so refreshed
we’ll catch up with everything later


  • I think you just wrote you and carrie and theme song! Love the knock knock knockin’ – yeah!

  • Hah! Did this yesterday and was great!

    Also first 😀

  • nm first ∵ amanda again

  • Hahaha….Yea…what Amanda and Art said!! Great Song! And sometimes I still forget I don’t have a home phone when someones asks if I can fax something. I have an all-in-one printer including fax but wait I have no phone line! Haha. See you soon! LJ

  • 4th to comment! YEAH! haha.

    I love this song and I love to sleep in.

    this song is great. reminds me of knock knock knockin on heavens door after it gets stuck in my head and I can’t remember the rest of your lyrics and I remember those instead… I’ll memorize yours soon. haha.

  • Definitely our theme song! haha. Glad you like it. Sorry Amanda always beats you, Art! She is just waiting for me to post so she can be first.


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