maybe it will snow

However unlikely it is here in the desert, and however silly it seems to people who put up with blizzards, I’ve always romanticized snow. The same way people who live in really green places love dirt, and just want to be surrounded by miles and miles of it. What’s that? They don’t? Oh. Well, I still like when it snows.

maybe it will snow, snow on us this year
i know there’s not much chance
i can’t help but hope, and it’s been pretty cold

there’s some ice in the backyard and we’re wearing our coats
this may be the desert but it’s still gettin’ cold
i can heat some water and make us a treat
one cup of hot chocolate for you and one for me

maybe it will snow, snow on us this year
i know we don’t have plows
it would be nice, even if the city shuts down

maybe it will snow, snow on us this year


  • yo dawg i herd you liek when it snowz and tha sity shutz down.

    Nice song, bro. Very cathartic. On a possibly related note I now want hot chocolate…


    • Thank you. I’m hoping to increase hot chocolate sales through a not-so-subtle series of efforts and win the position of spokesperson for Swiss Miss. Or any other hot chocolate manufacturer. I’m not picky.

  • Great song about Hot Chocolate! It reminds me of an awesome wedding 2 years ago today! And we were hoping it wouldn’t snow or rain that day! It was a beautiful day! (The timer is wrong, today is Nov 29)


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