just passing by

I think Dakota (our lab mix) must have been feeling left out, because as I was recording this she started barking really loud in the backyard. You can hear her, faintly, after “fade with the embers”. It’s pretty much in rhythm, too. So I’m pleased to announce Dakota’s show business debut on barking vocals.

Whew. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

<a href="http://rushmorebeekeepers.bandcamp.com/track/just-passing-by-52-10">just passing by (52-10) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

feels like these days are just passing me by
i try to drag them out, but they keep on going
oh i would write a letter, but i lost the address
the universe has no regard for our troubles or our happiness

seems like these people are just passing by
i try to stop and smile, but i just can’t do it
i wonder if they don’t see me, or if they exist
something about contact, i need to resist

i’m driving home, trying hard to focus on the road
the sun is shining behind the hills, i know it’s bound to explode

feels like these fears are just passing by
it’s too early to tell, but i may be allright
ink will fill these pages from dreams i don’t remember
thoughts will sneak so quietly, and fade with the embers


  • Totally heard Dakota, haha. Love it. Really like the guitar break after the first ‘i know it’s bound to explode’ AND the yelling/singing parts at the end fit your voice so well. Great job!

  • too bad she didn’t bark on ‘one two three (52-6)’ because it would’ve been a little more fitting! next week can we please feature kyla with child accordion?

    great song, great job! you’re nearly a fifth of the way through.

    • Ten songs! Dang. Yes, I think perhaps we should. I wouldn’t want her to get jealous. Although I’m sure there’s a little barking and/or dog collar rattle here and there in some other songs, if you listen close enough.

  • Ha Ha…Dakota’s barking vocals! Yep, so true, I feel like days are passing me by too! lj

  • Wow, another keeper zach! Deep and bluesy, though folksy. A la J Cash! Got to get this one down on a cd. You realize we’re not gonna let you stop at 52…..With Love and Pride, Dad


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