half-finished buildings

There are a lot of half-finished building projects around town. Some of them with windows open, and some of them with birds going in and out. At least something is getting use out of them. Also, this may be as rebellious as I get. In song, anyway.

<a href="http://rushmorebeekeepers.bandcamp.com/track/half-finished-buildings-52-20">half-finished buildings (52-20) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

the cracks in the road won’t follow you
the bumps go down and not back up again
everything goes by as fast as you want it
there’s nothing to see, half-finished buildings
(at least the birds have a place to nest)

some people will sit and wait for mistakes
then take them and use them as i-told-you-so’s
do what you want or do what you’re told
but don’t pretend it’s harder than that
(at least we all have a place to be ourselves)

the stories we’ll tell have already happened
the people and places sometimes are different
you can fill your life with whatever you want
but don’t expect us all to do the same

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