don't touch anything

I was playing that opening guitar part for about half an hour before I came up with any words for this. It was almost called “the place where i grew up part 2” but I wanted it to be its own song. Also, I must admit it freaked me out a little to type in 52-50. 50! Man. Also, I apologize if you were expecting a love song. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, and I’m rather upset I haven’t managed to book my Anti-Valentine’s Day shows since I’ve been in Las Vegas. Maybe I’ll try again next year.

we grew up in a town paved with dirt
sidewalks poured with cracks, houses made of mud
but it wasn’t all that different, it wasn’t all that bad

we grew up in a town full of people
who wanted it to change, wanted it to stay the same
but it wasn’t all that big, it wasn’t all that small

we have built these monuments and these castles
no one can touch anything, no one can say a word

we have designed ourselves into a corner
we have to lock our doors, we have to close the curtains
but it isn’t all just fear, it isn’t all privacy
we have written ourselves into a corner
we can’t say any bad words, we can’t say the wrong words
but it isn’t all politeness, it isn’t all manners


  • Hey Beekeeper- this one is worth developing into an album cut! I want to hear more instrument- but a part of me loves the simple arrangement too. I may be more easy to please than others who like to have the ‘wallpaper’. My brain throws in the fill for me. A very nice idea, Zach, keep it, water it, and let it bloom! Love dad

  • I May have submitted this already… I think this one is a keeper- put this one in an album! A nice take in the ‘my home town’ genre. Part of me hears more instrumentation, another part says leave it simple. Do two versions:)
    Nice work, Zach!

  • Great song Zach! I agree with your dad completely. It also offers a profound insight into our society today. My innocent comments often turn into confrontations. Will you be happy when the project is successfully finished? Or maybe start on 12 of 29?

    • Thanks, both of you! I thought about adding more instrumentation on this one, but just didn’t do it. It could definitely go a couple directions; maybe I’ll experiment with it some.

      Joan, I will definitely be happy to have finished the project; it’s been so much fun, but it’ll be nice to wrap it up. I have some recordings I’ve made over the past couple years that I’d like to put out, and a lot of older songs I haven’t gotten around to recording. But 12 of 29 sounds like a good idea. Not quite as demanding, and it would keep me motivated to write.


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