This might be more of a ditty than a song. But I’ve never been one for conventional songwriting. Not that I’m all hip and experimental, but you may notice a severe lack of choruses and bridges in my music. It may be laziness or stubbornness, or something else.

Incidentally, I’ve already started on another song. So maybe it will make it within the week. I hope to share some tour news with you, as well as what will happen to 52 of 28 during the tour (don’t worry), so stay tuned!

<a href="">comfortable (52-29) by rushmore beekeepers</a>

i stretched my arms as high as they could reach
there were things on the top i wanted but couldn’t see
now i’m not so determined to build a ladder to climb
there is plenty left here on the surface for me to find

i’ll take a walk, leave my house one of these days
and i’ll learn to be comfortable just where i am
i’ll learn to be comfortable just where i am


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