anything dangerous

This song may be just a little facetious. The part of it that’s not about my social anxiety, anyway. It started with me thinking about all the crazy things I’ve seen people do, in and around cars. Also, I think I got drunk on some really good cheesecake last night, haven’t felt the same since. (And yes, it was non-alcoholic cheesecake.)

<a href="">anything dangerous by rushmore beekeepers</a>

oh i could stand in the middle of a busy road
and let the cars go around me
i could close my eyes and drive through stop signs
let everyone else look out for me

oh i like to walk along the railroad tracks
if i tried i couldn’t get lost
oh i like to watch the trains go rushing by
but i never have the nerve to get on

don’t like to try anything dangerous
and i don’t like to do anything stupid
but i don’t like to try anything new
and i’m not sure i know the difference

oh i could sing and dance out on the sidewalk
the police they might arrest me
or i could sing really loud out the window
and hope that someone will hear me


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