another year

I was hoping to write another song before the year ended, but I was pretty busy having a great time with family and friends. So here’s a song for the new year. However last year was, or however this year is starting out, insert some motivational phrase here.

hey here we are, starting another year
and people try to decide what it will be like
but even if you say good riddance
even if you’re glad to see it go
it’s just another measurement

so hey, let’s start again
you could say it’s another chance
but we have those everyday
you get a million everyday

hey here we are, remembering another date
and we think of who has left and who we will meet
and even if you say farewell
or even if you say hello
it’s another someone that you know

hey here we are, proving ourselves right
and looking with wonder at a world we thought
we knew so well
and even if you’re in the same place
even if you’re somewhere new
it’s a great big world of possibilities


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